Welcome to CS 375!

Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
Fall 2013

Tuesday 4:10-6:00
405 Soda

Satish Rao

Victor Huang

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TT    = Tools for Teaching, Davis, B.G., Jossey-Bass; San Francisco, 2009.
This link takes you to an e-book copy but you'll need a library proxy to access it from your home computer.

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Week Date Topic Homework due Handouts Reading due
Week 1 September 3 Your First Section; none Slides Ceci, Stephen and Williams, Wendy, ``How'm I doing.''
Immediacy/student ratings.
Survey/student ratings.
Benefits of early course evaluations.
Week 2 September 10 Guest Speaker: Richard Freishtat Self Reflection Worksheet Guide to Peer Review
Peer Observation Guide
First Section Aftermath
TT: Discussion Strategies
Week 3 September 17
Video: Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos
Common and outstanding section issues
Online Ethics Course
Peer Observations
Self-Reflection Reflection TT: Enhancing Students' Learning and Motivation
TT: Evaluation to Improve Teaching
When Wrong is Alright.
Week 4 September 24 Try Learning Yourself Misconception Worksheet   Learn to Swim
Week 5 October 1 Bloom/Retrieval Learning/Teacher Quality Example for Completing the Square Survey help   Teacher Variance. Bloom/Retrieval Learning
Week 6 October 8 Bloom/Retrieval Quiz. Research on Laptop use. Research on VARK.   Quiz VARK Laptop Use
Week 7 October 15 Presentation Techniques   Present something!
Toastmaster's World Champion
Links to Papers.
Tools for Teaching Part IV
Week 8 October 22 Training Problem Solving Problem Worksheet Teaching Problem Solving
Links to papers.
Week 9 October 29 Defensive Climates.   Steele Video
Lecture Outline.
TT: Part II. Student Body.
Defensive Climate
Science: respond to stereotype threat.
Week 10 November 5 Last Class      
Week 11 November 12 Independent meetings      
Week 12 November 19 Independent meetings      
Week 13 November 26 Independent meetings      
Week 14 December 3 Independent meetings