CS375: Teaching Techniques for Computer Science (Fall 2014)
Monday 5:00 - 7:00pm in 310 Soda

Instructor: Satish Rao
TA: Di Wang

Welcome to CS375! Most of the course logistics will be handled through Piazza

Textbook and Readings

We will be reading chapters from Barbara Davis's Tools for Teaching (TT) and Arthur Mattuck's The Torch or the Firehose as well as other selected papers and articles.

To access the e-book and other assigned readings off the Berkeley network. you will need to set up library proxy. For your convenience, the assigned chapters of Tools of Teaching are also provided as .pdfs in the Calendar section.


In addition to readings, you will be expected to complete various small assignments and worksheets for the class that are designed to help you plan, prepare and review your sections: See this Piazza post on how to submit your homework. Assignment due dates are marked on the calendar, but we accept assignments on a rolling basis meaning the earlier you submit an assignment the faster you get feedback. We reserve the right to add 1 or 2 more assignments not listed here.


We expect students to attend 80% of the scheduled meetings.

When you need to miss a meeting, we want you to select one of the papers for the week, summarize it and email your summary to the instructors and TA prior to the meeting. For unexpected absences, please contact us as soon as possible.


This calendar is tentative and will be adjusted as the semester goes on. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Week Date Topic Homework Reading due Handouts/Slides Additional Resources
Week 1 September 2 Special Meeting Tuesday 4-5 GSI Duties and Responsibilities Worksheet [.docx] (due by 9/8) Self-Reflection 1 (due by 9/15)
GSI Ethics course (due by 9/10)
TT part III: Discussion Strategies Topics. So You Think You Can TA
TA Responsibilities
GSI Checklist
Week 2 September 8 Present something! (activity, experiment)
Presentation skills (lecture)
Present something again! (activity)
Peer Video Observation Notes Worksheet
Peer Video Observation Reflection 1 (due by 9/22)
TT part IV: The Large Enrollment Course Slides Presentation Worksheet.
Ums Worksheet.
Drama and teacher effectiveness
Dan Klein distinguished teaching video
How'm I Doing? [Abstract]
Teacher nonverbal behavior
Amy Cuddy your body language shapes who you are video
Week 3 September 15 How's your class going? (discussion)
Tools for helping students understand (lecture)
Learning something new (activity)
Self-Reflection 2 (due by 9/23) TT part VI: Enhancing Students' Learning and Motivation
Through the Lens of Learning
TT Slides.  
Week 4 September 22 Problem solving (activity)
Peer review group therapy (discussion)
Designing good questions, exams and rubrics (discussion)
Student survey methods (lecture)
Exam Question and Rubric (due on 9/22)
Student Survey
Student Survey Reflection (due by 10/28)
TT part VIII: Test and Grading
Teaching Problem Solving
Slides on Surveys
Self Reflection Reflection.
Slides preparing Questions.
In-Class Question Worksheet.
Survey/student ratings
Benefits of early course evaluations
Tips for fair and efficient grading
Problem Solving Strategies: Effectiveness
Problem Solving Strategies: Nigeria Study
Week 5 Sept. 29 Student learning
Why do we have discussions, TAs, OH and forums?
Peer Video Observation Notes Worksheet
Peer Video Observation 2 (due by 10/27)
The 2 Sigma Problem
Office hour workseet.
Slides on Laptop Usage.
Week 6 October 6 Learning Syles/Active Learning Activity/Survey Reflection     Vark/Presentation Slides.
Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence
VARK Questionnaire
Learning Styles Don't Exist
Week 7 October 13 No class (Holiday)          
Week 8 October 21 Learning studies, teaching studies     Prelim Quiz
Discussion Worksheet
Keep Up Quiz
  MET project report. Human versus Computer Tutoring Retrieval Learning
Week 9 October 28 Barriers to learning
Defensive climate
  TT part II: Responding to a Changing Student Body
Reducing the Racial Achievement Gap
Identity and Stereotype Threat [Highlight]
StereoType Intervention Slides
StereoType Intervention Slides
A Threat in the Air
A topology of CS students preconditions for learning
Stuck in the Shallow End: Education, Race, and Computing
Week 10 November 3 Independent Meetings Self-Reflection 3 (due by 10/30)      
Week 11   Guest speaker Dan Klein: Designing other parts of the course Self-Reflection 4 (due by 11/15)      
Week 12   Independent Meetings          
Week 13   Independent Meetings        
Week 14 April 28 Last thoughts
Course surveys