CS 370: Adaptive Instruction Methods in Computer Science

Spring 2020 Instructor: Christopher Hunn


Last updated: 2/5/20

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    Week Topic Readings & Homework
    Jan 27 Course Overview and Classroom Norms The Tao of TALC
    TA Essentials
    Fears Allayed
    GSI Ethics Modules
    Feb 3 Professional Norms on Teaching and Promoting an Equitable Learning Environment Complete GSI Ethics Modules
    Review your course materials
    Complete bCourses assignment
    Feb 10 Clarifying your Learning Outcomes and Content to Prioritize TBD
    Feb 17 Measuring Learning Outcomes and Responding to Student Learning TBD
    Feb 24 Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogy (AEP): A Framework for Improving Student Success TBD
    Mar 2 Teaching Computer Science Content using an AEP Framework TBD
    Mar 9 AEP Practice Teaching Workshop and Peer Observation Rubric Feedback I: Teaching your most challenging concept TBD
    Mar 16 Frameworks for Analyzing Patterns in Student Learning Data (e.g., pre/post assessments, surveys, observation) TBD
    Midterm assignment due
    Mar 30 Addressing Unconsicous Bias TBD
    April 6 Addressing Stereotype Threat and Imposter Syndrome TBD
    April 13 Microaggressions Interventions TBD
    April 20 AEP Practice Teaching Workshop and Peer Observation Rubric Feedback II TBD
    April 27 Teaching Frameworks and Conceptual Change TBD
    May 4 (RRR Week) Final Presentations and Pizza Party N/A
    Final assignment due