CS61A: The Staff

Instructor: Brian Harvey
	    Office: 781 Soda Hall
            Tele: 642-8311
	    E-mail: bh@cs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: Mon 10-11:45, Tues 1-3


Wei Tu
Email: weitu+cs61a@gmail.com
AIM: weitu
Office Hours: M 5:30-6:30 C50 HFA, F 3:30-4:30 511 Soda
Sections: MW 4-5:30, WF 12:30-2
Erin Korber
Email: cs61a-tb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: M 12-1, F 1-2, 711 Soda
Sections: TR 9:30-11
Casey Ho
Email: cs61a-tc@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
AIM: caseyho
Office Hours: W 4:30-5:30, R 11:30-12:30, 345 Soda
Sections: TR 12:30-2, TR 3:30-5
Angela Yoong
Email: cs61a-td@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
AIM: fnangela
Office Hours: M 9:30-10:30, W 9:30-10:30, Brewed Awakening Cafe (1807 Euclid)
Sections: TR 2-3:30, WF 11-12:30
Robert Liao
Email: cs61a-te@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
AIM: cs61arobertliao
Office Hours: Th 1-2p 551 Soda, F 1-2p 651 Soda
Sections: TR 11-12:30, TR 5-6:30
Kevin Lin
Email: hjlin@berkeley.edu
Office Hours: MW 4-5, 751 Soda
Sections: WF 9:30-11
Agusno Lie
Email: cs61a-rg@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: Wei's
Jay Chua
Email: cs61a-rf@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: Erin's AND Kevin's
Alex Choy
Email: cs61a-rc@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: Casey's
Carolen Maganito
Email: cs61a-rd@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: Angela's
Albert Chae
Email: cs61a-re@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: Robert's

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