Final Exam: Sat., Dec. 17, 5-8pm, Wheeler Aud.

Review Session: Sunday, Dec. 11, 3-6pm, Wozniak Lounge. Questions and solutions now posted in the usual spot.

Office Hours:

Wei: Friday, 5-8 pm, 310 Soda. Erin and Casey will be there too.
Erin: Monday and Tuesday, 3-6 pm. Wednesday and Thursday, 11am-3pm. Friday, 3-5 pm. 711 Soda.
Angela: Friday, 8:30-9:30 pm, location TBD
Kevin: Monday 4-6 pm, Thursday 3-? pm, 751 Soda
Robert: Friday 1-3pm, 345 Soda or Elsewhere (Location will be posted @ 345 Soda)