CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Spring, 2005

Past Announcements

  • Midterm 1 solutions are here.

    If you don't like your grade, first check these solutions. If we graded your paper according to the standards shown here, and you think the standards were wrong, too bad -- we're not going to grade you differently from everyone else. If you think your paper was not graded according to these standards, bring it to Brian or your TA. We will regrade the entire exam carefully; we may find errors that we missed the first time around. :-)

    If you believe our solutions are incorrect, we'll be happy to discuss it, but you're probably wrong!

  • Erin will have an extra office hour today (Wednesday) from 1-2 in 711 Soda.
  • Midterm 1 Review Session
    Sunday, September 25, 1pm - 4pm
    1 Pimentel

    Midterm 1 Examination
    Wednesday, September 28, 7pm - 9pm
    1 Pimentel
    Please sit with your groups.
  • As you have hopefully noticed, Project 1 is due Monday the 19th (in addition to the usual weekly homework). This project is to be done alone. Get started now!
  • Solutions have been posted for the week 2 lab. From now on, lab solutions will be posted Wednesday evening and homework solutions will be posted Monday evening. The contact info and office hours for the TAs has also been updated.
  • Welcome to CS61A!
    We (the TA's) are currently in the process of frantically trying to get everything set up without Prof. Harvey around, so please excuse the dust. Not everything on this webpage will be 100% up to date just yet.