CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Fall, 2008

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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  • Review Sessions for the Final Exam
    • Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 12-3PM (430 Soda, Wozniak room)
    • Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 2-5PM (430 Soda, Wozniak room)
  • The review session worksheet can be found here with solution
  • Extra Office Hours for the Final
    • Justin Chen: Sat 5-7pm, Sun 5-7pm, Wed 2-4pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Darren Kuo: Sun 1-3pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Ahmed Owainati: Sun 2-4pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Jason Lo: Sun 3-5pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Jerry Zhang: Mon 4-6pm (290 Cory)
    • Chongyang Wang: Tue 10-12, (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Min Xu: Tue 4-6pm (345 Soda), Wed 10am-1pm (345 Soda)
  • Solutions to the review questions held during the review session
  • Extra Office Hours for MT3
    • Darren Kuo: Sun 1-3pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Jerry Hong: Sun 5-6pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
  • Extra Office Hours for MT2
    • Justin: Sun 12-2pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Ahmed: Sun 2-4pm, Mon 4:30-6pm (711 Soda)
    • Darren: Sun 2-4pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
  • Extra Office Hours For MT1
    • Darren: Sun 1-3pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Ahmed: Sun 2-4pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Justin: Sun 4-6pm (C50 Hearst Field Annex)
    • Min: Mon 11:30-12:30pm (751 Soda)
    • Calvin: Mon 3-5pm (751 Soda)
  • Welcome to CS61a
    For this week and this week only (unless specified otherwise), go to the lab (C50 Hearst Field Annex) during your discussion section.

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