CS61A: The Staff


Brian Harvey
Office: 781 Soda Hall
Phone: 642-8311
E-mail: bh@cs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: Tue 4-6, Wed 5:30-6:30

Office Hours

All office hours (other than Brian's) are in 273 Soda (next to the lab). Remember, you can go to anyone's office hours to get help!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9:30-10:30 Darren 10:30-11:30 Eric T. 10-11 Richard 9-10 Tom
11-12 Darren
Early Afternoon 12-1 Richard
1-2 Steven
1-2 Colleen
Late Afternoon 4-5 Chris 4-5 Eric K.
4-6 Brian (781)
5-6 Eric T.
3-4 Tom
5:30-6:30 Brian (781)
3-4 Eric K.
4-5 Steven
3-4 Jordy


Eric Kim
Email: cs61a-tb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 16/116 and 21/121
Darren Kuo
Email: cs61a-tc@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 13/113 and 25/125
Richard Lan
Email: cs61a-td@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 15/115 and 18/118
Colleen Lewis
Email: cs61a-te@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Section: 14/114
Chris Lin
Email: cs61a-tf@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 22/122
Tom Magrino
Email: cs61a-tg@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 17/117 and 20/120
Jordy Rose
Email: cs61a-th@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Section: 11/111
Steven Tang
Email: cs61a-ti@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 19/119 and 23/123
Eric Tzeng
Email: cs61a-tj@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sections: 12/112 and 24/124


Michael Chang
Email: cs61a-rb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Ken Cheng
Email: cs61a-rc@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Josh Evenson
Email: cs61a-rd@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Anirudh Todi
Email: cs61a-re@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Karan Malik
Email: cs61a-rg@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Jay Ryoo
Email: cs61a-rh@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Hamilton Nguyen
Email: cs61a-ri@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Dan Wang
Email: cs61a-rj@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu

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