CS 61A

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Fall 2014

Instructor: John DeNero

Midterm 2 Information

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The exam is closed note, except for:

Copies of the study guides will be provided with your exam.

Topics Covered

The exam will cover all course topics through Chapter 2.9 of Composing Programs, except for Newton's method (1.6.5), implementing lists & dictionaries (2.4.7), dispatch dictionaries (2.4.8), propagating constraints (2.4.9), and implementing classes and objects (2.6).

Particular emphasis will be given to mutable data, object-oriented programming, recursion, and recursive data (such as linked lists and trees).

You should be prepared to answer questions that relate closely to the projects and homework assignments (not including challenge problems). You should also know how to draw an environment diagram by hand.


Past exams and solutions

Review materials and guides

Review session: 3-6pm on Saturday 10/25 in 2050 VLSB

HKN review session: 12-3pm on Sunday 10/26 in 155 Dwinelle

Make-Up Exam

8pm-10pm on Monday 10/27 in 310 Soda

9am-11am on Tuesday 10/28 in 271 Soda