Scheme Recursion Exhibition

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (translation: please don't just vote for your friends).

In order to vote, please complete this form with your Berkeley email.

Table of Contents

Featherweight Division

Submission 0 - Roses on the River

Wilt in your comfort,
or leap off the binding stem.
Journey the unknown.

Submission 0

0.scm (212 tokens)

Submission 1 - Spirangles

< If I spent my time
drawing triangles all day
I would fail CS.

Submission 1

1.scm (64 tokens)

Submission 2 - Your title here

This is a target.
Everything moves into it.
What is your target?

Submission 2

2.scm (68 tokens)

Submission 3 - Interstellar

Did you all watch Interstellar?
wormhole is super cool
this is a wormhole to cs61b. Good luck everyone.

Submission 3

3.scm (73 tokens)

Submission 4 - From Squares To Circles

Circles hide away
Invisible in the squares
And wait to be seen.

Submission 4

4.scm (97 tokens)

Submission 5 - Snaaaaaaaake.

Snake recursive snake
Recursive snake recursive
snake, snake, snake!

Submission 5

5.scm (207 tokens)

Submission 6 - circles

these cool pink circles
hey go of hotpinkally
here boneafide round?

Submission 6

6.scm (26 tokens)

Submission 7 - Lost in Spirals

For just a moment,
Toss worries to this pool of
Spirals. And relax.

Submission 7

7.scm (113 tokens)

Submission 8 - A Birthday Cake

Cakes don't last for long,
except this one - a Scheme cake,
with my best, lasting wishes.

Submission 8

8.scm (134 tokens)

Submission 9 - Deep Into The Sea

The waves crash on me
And take me down to the sea
Deep, where none can see

Submission 9

9.scm (69 tokens)

Submission 10 - Life in 61A

My face after a
lecture by John DeNero

Submission 10

10.scm (84 tokens)

Submission 11 - Your title here

It's your masterpiece.
Use these three lines to describe
its inner meaning.

Submission 11

11.scm (126 tokens)

Submission 12 - the Black Hole

I wonder
What inside the black hole
past future or another world

Submission 12

12.scm (121 tokens)

Submission 13 - Color Drain

Darkness reigns far out
Too far in has few colors
Stay in the middle

Submission 13

13.scm (95 tokens)

Submission 14 - Lollipop

Are you not happy?
Any finals coming up?
Have a lollipop :).

Submission 14

14.scm (130 tokens)

Submission 15 - Isometrics

Many hexagons
With layers of filled colors
Make isometrics

Submission 15

15.scm (90 tokens)

Submission 16 - War and Peace

Harmony and discord
By the entropy of war
Never know what will be

Submission 16

16.scm (93 tokens)

Submission 17 - Just your normal Starry night

From the forest dark
The recursive trees look up
To a starry night

Submission 17

17.scm (226 tokens)

Submission 18 - Recursive Olympics

Olive wreaths unite
the nations; We aim faster
higher and stronger!

Submission 18

18.scm (205 tokens)

Submission 19 - Wheel of Fortune

A shape comprised of
numerous dodecagons
splashed with some color.

Submission 19

19.scm (128 tokens)

Heavyweight Division

Submission 20 - Colorful Microsoft

Colorful & Recursive
This is a real Microsoft

Submission 20

20.scm (981 tokens)

Submission 21 - Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

Chrysanthemum tea,
sipping it through a straw and
reminds me of home.

Submission 21

21.scm (576 tokens)

Submission 22 - Postmodern Holiday

Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Laughing all the way!

Submission 22

22.scm (591 tokens)

Submission 23 - Two fractals

Set recursive depth
To something grand and wiser
Fractal waving suns

Submission 23

23.scm (587 tokens)

Submission 24 - Rubik's Recursion

Rubik's Recursion
DeNero and Oski Bear
CS pals always

Submission 24

24.scm (508 tokens)

Submission 25 - Mandel-Bro

Heard you like fractals
So I put a fractal
Inside your fractal.

Submission 25

25.scm (1109 tokens)

Submission 26 - Tornado's eye

It tumbles 3D hailstones
It rises with that 3D spirals in the sky
But the center the chaos, lies its serenely eye.

Submission 26

26.scm (633 tokens)

Submission 27 - Magic Circle

The ancient tale said that once you put your hands on this circle,
your dream will come true.
Well, I'm just kidding. TBH, I am a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Submission 27

27.scm (268 tokens)

Submission 28 - Planes from magic scheme turtle and profound argumentation of recursion

Fly away, carrying programmer's dreams~
Go planes go~
And Look!
The magic of recursion
that a program is running itself!

Submission 28

28.scm (1414 tokens)

Submission 29 - Turtles All the Way Down

Spiral of turtles
It's turtles all the way down
In "turtle graphics"
Note: Turtles all the way down is a humorous response to the inifinite regress problem. Read more about it at

Submission 29

29.scm (408 tokens)

Submission 30 - Gold @ the End of the Rainbow

We show up at Cal
In all kinds of colors, but
We all come out gold.

Submission 30

30.scm (523 tokens)

Submission 31 - National Security Agency

NSA is here
Patriotism goes gray
Liberty fades away.
Please don't take offense / take this super seriously
A short haiku isn't meant to be a sweeping statement
This is just something to think about
Go Bears!

Submission 31

31.scm (349 tokens)

Submission 32 - 3D Christmas Tree of Hope

In the darkness of approaching Finals
May the light of Christmas bestow hope upon us
Forward, Comrades!

Submission 32

32.scm (392 tokens)

Submission 33 - Still life

Upon the endless blue and gold,
there lie the pretty shining spheres.
Recursively trace the rays to draw them by code.

Submission 33

33.scm (1419 tokens)

Submission 34 - WHAT YOU SEE HERE is a LIFE PROCEDURE full of circles and straight lines!

A procedure of a CS LIFE takes in "one" thing:
(the sacrifices of sleep, fun, tv show, pokemon... in exchange with GREAT KNOWLEDGE! (in honor to John DeNero)).
Together, we gain experiences (represented by 0s and 1s) that allow us to recursively move on to the next chapter of cs life.

Submission 34

34.scm (675 tokens)