Additional Resources

Learning in 61A

Enrolled and waitlisted students have access to the screencasts through CalCentral by choosing COMPSCI 61A under "My Classes". There will be separate lecture videos as well. These differ from screencasts as they are created before lecture and will be linked on the main page. Section (lab/disc) videos will also be linked on the course website as well.

Programming in 61A

Using OK

CS 61A uses a program called ok to test and submit homework assignments, labs, and projects. Please see Using OK for more information on signing in with OK, troubleshooting, testing, viewing submissions, and adding partners.

Midterms and Final Resources

Past Exams

Older exams can be found in the CS 61A past exams page or the HKN and TBP exam banks.

Computer Science Mentors (CSM)

Guerrilla Sections

Midterm 1 Resources

Midterm 2 Resources

Final Resources

More Resources by Topic

Make sure to check out CSM, Guerrilla Sections and the other links above before taking a look at the following. Do not feel like you have to solve all of them in order to feel sufficiently practiced. This is a convenience for you, so that you can reference a single page for your studying needs. Start with the ones you feel most weak in, and if you didn't happen to go through all of them, it's okay!

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