Exam Materials

The exam is closed note, except for:

You will write your answers on the exam itself. Scratch paper will be provided.

Please bring your Cal student ID or another photo ID.

Topics Covered

The exam will cover all course topics, which includes all of Composing Programs, except for:

The textbook and lecture differ substantially in their descriptions of iterators (4.2.1), iterables (4.2.2), and streams (4.2.6). Please study the lecture examples rather than the textbook.

You should be prepared to answer questions that relate closely to the projects and homework assignments (not including challenge problems). You should also know how to draw an environment diagram by hand.


The best way to study for the final is to work through practice problems. The course staff has put together the following resources:

Review Session: See the weekly meeting schedule for topic review sessions. Eta Kappa Nu (the EECS honors society) will also be hosting a unofficial review session on Thursday, 10/8 9am-11:30am in 306 Soda.

Office Hours: See the office hours schedule.

Make-Up Exam

If you cannot attend the final, email denero@berkeley.edu immediately. There is no official make-up exam.