Office Hours

Regular office hours and events (Mon-Thu) are located in:

These office hours are great for any general or assignment-specific questions.

Office hours are shared by the staff, and we use an office hours queue which you can check before you come to office hours to see if it is crowded. Some staff will be attending regularly as indicated on the schedule, and others rotating based on expected demand. If you need one-on-one help with your own GSI, you may want to contact your GSI to find a time to meet with them.

Conceptual office hours are held on Friday in 400 Cory. In these office hours we will not provide guidance on homework or projects, but you are encouraged to show up for extra help understanding any of the concepts covered in class. Feel free to bring in any questions you find confusing, as long as they are not taken from current assignments.

Instructor office hours are held in Professor DeNero's office at 781 Soda and online. The zoom code is 9107739913.

Drop-in tutoring is also provided by various student organizations, including UPE (the Computer Science honor society), HKN (the EECS honor society), and the College of Engineering.