Scheme Art Gallery

The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

Cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 PM on Friday, December 7th.

Featherweight Division


I'm using CS
to show my love for boba,
this screams Berkeley trash.

Tokens: 148

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Beauty Incarnate

Boba's my flavor
Denero is my savior

Tokens: 193

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AQI > 200

Christ oh Christ.
Give me back Dead Week,
So I may pass 61A.

Tokens: 259

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I stop and ponder
why do all this I wonder
I ease and look yonder

Tokens: 67

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Fluttering Flowers Flowing on Fuschia Fringes

sad about finals?
keep staring at this artwork.
I doubt much will change

Tokens: 238

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Is this...?

One tree in winter.
Another in spring. Still stand-
-ing in summer. Fall.

Tokens: 125

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wish i didn't miss n95 points on the last midterm

would have tried harder
but i couldn't see or breathe
asthma reax only

Tokens: 108

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uwu hewwo?? Apparently no one knows this meme, change my mind

You have been visited by an unpopular lucky meme
vote to get a 3.3 GPA
or see loss in your future

Tokens: 216

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big m00d

i look out my win-
dow and all i see is grey
i am sofa king :'''')

Tokens: 117

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Very Unhealthy Air Quality

*AQI is 199*
Chancellor Christ:
Not above 200 though

Tokens: 162

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The worst program you will ever read

That twisted, red monstrosity from another world
Pales in comparison to the horror that lies within
View code to see why!

Tokens: 288

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I am a disappointment

People call me John,
Because I make Denero

Thank you very much.

Tokens: 33

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CS 61A, I don't feel so good....

quotient might break hard
binary search and log wins
DeNero gets snapped.

Tokens: 195

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A Little Bit of Mondrian

I see these colorful patterns
dizzy and cozy
I love CS61A

Tokens: 155

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Excuse me, is this your code?

You are the one who wrote it? -Yup
Then how does it work?
-No idea

Tokens: 98

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AQI > 2000

I had something here
But its inner meaning was
Obscured by the smoke.

Tokens: 44

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Fractals fascinate -
Recursion recursively

Tokens: 81

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Take Astro c10

A gamma ray burst
forms huge black hole! Circle of
galaxies collapse

Tokens: 94

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Error: unexpected end of file.

Tokens: 223

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A tear for each test
Because when I see my grades
I cri everyteim

Tokens: 139

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radiant snowflakes
grow on this binary tree
safe until sunrise

Tokens: 218

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Surprised Pikachu

CS is awesome
but not when you failing test
goodluck on final

Tokens: 252

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Trash Can???

Don't know what to draw
Then, it is what I saw
Hoping to make u VOTE!!!

Tokens: 196

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S E A P U N K ?

I do it for the
no more said

Tokens: 166

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We love you and here is a quarter of a heart, each quarter lost for each exam

Your exams kick our ass
But 61A will miss you
So long Daddy Denero

Tokens: 319

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Choose Me! (╯°□°)╯︵◓ ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩

Me: *checks* *says my only chance of passing is winning this contest*
Me: ...

Tokens: 252

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Collatz Shoreline

so much depends on
a recursive beach, birds-eye
speckled with palm trees

Tokens: 146

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Rainbow-Line Galaxies

I made these random
spiral things and they sort of
look like galaxies.

Tokens: 313

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Flesh Tones, All Spirals

This isn't that great,
Wanted to make featherweight,
Scheme is what I hate.

Tokens: 283

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Spinning Wheel of Death

One circle can win
So rainbow circles can win
Go ahead and vote

Tokens: 94

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Inspired by nature

My throat is burning
My lungs are clogged, I need help
Carol Christ save me

Tokens: 77

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EECS Daddy Denero

Test summary
420 test cases passed!
No cases failed.

Tokens: 202

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Eye of the Beholder

step into my mind
optical illusion
peace you will not find

Tokens: 188

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Fall Trees

Is it Tree of Life?
Or is it Circle of Life?
Hope it doesn't burn.

Tokens: 117

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Life is like
The Long Long Long Dream
From Infinity to Infinity

Tokens: 167

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Love is like the air:
Proudly saying, trumpeting,
"West Virginia"

Tokens: 334

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Top 10 Saddest Anime Moments

Browse meme pages or
CS homework? I laugh. As
if I have a choice

Tokens: 130

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What is paradise?
Relaxing on the beach? Nay,
DeNero lecture.

Tokens: 234

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Heavyweight Division

Thanksgiving Break To-Do List

Make Pikachu meme
Make it recursive in scheme
Fall behind in classes

Tokens: 572

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night sky

it takes more muscles
to frown than it takes to smile
frown all day. get gainz

Tokens: 500

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A Lonely Night

You might be lonely
But when everything seems dark
We are here for you

Tokens: 314

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Go Bears!

Some bears barely wake
But dear Oski never sleeps
Bare bears bear bare bears

Tokens: 621

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Tail Recursion: Acorny Pun

No-nut November
Made the squirrels go nutty -
You are what you eat!

Tokens: 606

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So many languages!

;;; Python, only time will tell
;;; if you're sequel to SQL
;;; or, like Lisp, just a prequel.

Tokens: 988

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A sea of gold and blue drowns
the tree. The dull colors of the
tree stand no match.

Tokens: 417

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To understand recursion you must first understand recursion

When you're looking at
memes instead of studying
and fail your midterms :o

Tokens: 1791

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Flower, Fish, Fern?

A random moment
meaningless, but together
they are beautiful.

Tokens: 358

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#1 Public University

War of art and meme
Now evolved to war of us
And college supreme

Tokens: 1969

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Throwing paint would have been easier

Can programs make art?
It depends if you like dots
@ Jackson Pollock

Tokens: 433

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Hit or Miss? John "Daddy" Denero (The CS Meme King)

"John Denero"? I only know dAddY DEneRo. Press F for final by voting so that Daddy Denero takes mercy on us for the final!

Tokens: 300

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Family Dinner

Mom, dad, and brother
I miss family dinner
I'm getting thinner

Tokens: 723

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Tik Tok

Tik tok as I sob.
Work my ass off to unlock,
Just to get a job.

Tokens: 1199

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The Smash Ball

December 7th
Only on Nintendo Switch

Tokens: 523

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Jump to Hyperspace

Through light-years of nothingness,
Or an acid trip.

Tokens: 611

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Fire in Tears

Our world is burning!
Red flames reflect in blue tears
On an ocean of sympathy

Tokens: 1372

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it lowkey took a long time

minimum guidelines
*puts in minimum effort
61A staff:

Tokens: 1157

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The Hangry, Hangry Centipede

Angered by 61A grades,
the caterpillar ate and ate,
but Daddy made him a derpy centipede.

Tokens: 435

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Welcome to Berkeley'

When the fog comes
The red sun yields even when Carol Christ stands
'Welcome to Berkeley'

Tokens: 623

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In Orbit

Recursion is hard
This took so long to render
But look at those balls

Tokens: 1449

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Winter is Coming

In the Cal bubble
Homework piling up like snow
No matter -- gO BEaRs!

Tokens: 2013

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Step Back

If you like portraits
Step back and you'll see DeNe
ro looking at me

Tokens: 14493

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AQI: 10

No Smoke
Just Trees
And Sunlight

Tokens: 387

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A Smoky Day On Campus

I'd rather extend school year

than have instruction during dead week

but this class will not... Thank you.

Tokens: 647

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Smokey Cal

AQI above 200
I actually couldn't breathe
The smoke now recedes

Tokens: 612

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A Random Tree and Blossom

Plum blossoms from the bitter cold.
Does pseudorandom == random?

Tokens: 271

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Fibonachu is
surprised when you optimize
Scheme tail recursion

Tokens: 840

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Ancient Code

Endless glitches and
no docs - a coder's nightmare,
yet a miracle.

Tokens: 1114

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Flower Fractals

I like to make art.
But combining code and art
took more time to make.

Tokens: 294

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A distant journey
And a glimpse of beauty
All in a single frame

Tokens: 378

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3 Words 13 Letters

three words
say it
and i'm yours.

Tokens: 626

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