Optional Contest: Scheme Art

The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.


This contest is completely optional!

Entries are due at 11:59pm on Monday, 12/2.

Here are the steps to enter the contest:

  1. Download scheme_contest.zip.
  2. From your Scheme project, copy all the Python files to the scheme_contest directory. This should be:

    • buffer.py
    • scheme_builtins.py
    • scheme_reader.py
    • scheme_tokens.py
    • scheme.py
    • ucb.py
  3. Complete the contest.scm file (you can render your drawing with python3 scheme.py contest.scm). For more information on drawing graphics, you may find the Scheme Built-in Reference to be helpful.
  4. Take a screenshot of the "Scheme Turtles" window containing your artwork.

In contest.scm, the draw procedure should draw your entry and then exit on click.

All entries, including their source code, will be distributed to your fellow students for voting. Please do not include personal info in your submission.

You are allowed to work with one other partner for this contest. You should add your partner on Ok and make a single submission.

Important: when you are ready to submit, follow both these steps:

  • Run python3 ok --submit to submit your contest.scm file to Ok.
  • Fill out the contest form. Make sure the information here is correct, since we'll be using it to generate your entry in the Scheme art gallery.

Contest Description

Create a visualization of an iterative or recursive process of your choosing, using turtle graphics. Your implementation must be written entirely in Scheme using the interpreter you have built. In particular, you may not use any external image files. All computation must be done in Scheme.

We will have two categories of submissions:

  • Featherweight: Fewer than 512 Scheme tokens (including parentheses)
  • Heavyweight: Fewer than 4096 Scheme tokens (including parentheses)

No single token may contain more than 50 characters. If your entry requires more tokens than are allowed in the heavyweight category, please contact the course staff for special permission to submit an even longer entry.

A paltry amount of extra credit will be awarded as follows:

  • 3 points to 1st place in each category
  • 2 points to 2nd place in each category
  • 1 points to 3rd place in each category

You can check the number of tokens in a Scheme file called contest.scm by running the following command using the latest version of scheme_tokens.py:

python3 scheme_tokens.py contest.scm

Entries (code and images) will be posted online, and winners will be selected by popular vote.

To improve your chance of success, you are welcome to include a title and descriptive haiku in the comments of your entry, which will be included in the voting.

Entries that do not construct an image iteratively or recursively may be disqualified. Please don't just draw a preexisting image, even if the drawing function is iterative or recursive. If you're unsure, just ask.

Past Entries

For inspiration, you can peruse these galleries of past entries.