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The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

Cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 PM on Friday, December 13th.

Featherweight Division

Spinny Insanity

Started making it
Had a breakdown
Bon appétit.

Tokens: 318

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Boxing Day

Beepity boop beep
Staring at my code blankly
Hoping something works

Tokens: 228

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stay warm & toasty (view source)

fear not, for we are
Enlightened by Denero
let us get this Bread.

Tokens: 303

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HK Peace

Hong Kong is part of China but using violence to solve the problem is not necessary. Hope Hong Kong people and the Beijing government can deal with the problem in peace so soldiers and people do not bleed.

Tokens: 252

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Sea-S 61λ

A vast and wide sea
Lambdas are all you can see
Oh look it's a shark

Tokens: 507

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Myself a poet, not a Schemer

In front of you, I am just a Function,
No matter how much Arguments we have,
I always Return my love for you.

Behind you, I am the largest Integer,
No matter how much you Mod ten and Floor Divi.
I am always positive for you.

We will go on trips, sitting in my Car, and my car's name is Cddr
We will travel everywhere,
we will see all the imaginary Cons-streams in New Zealand
We will see all the T.branches() in Amazon.
You can go down the car and ask if what's in your hand Is_leaf() .
If we ever get lost, please guide me with your Environment Diagram.

I ask me if I have time for a call, I would never Raise an Error
I will be straightforward as a Boolean
“Do you love me”, my answer Evals to True and True
“Did I gain weight?”, I say that will be seven equal equal two.

Our love is broad, we can define some-Macros.
Our love story is endless, we will never write a line of SeQuL.

I am not strong, I can't always perform Higher Order Functions.
But like a Lambda, getting jobs done without my name mentioned.

I don't have high EQ, some Announcements you make,
I have to do Lists of comprehension.
I will try my best to understand,
I will make some Repr() and Str() representation.
I may misunderstand you,
as I imprudently violate your Data Abstraction.
If you blame me,
my excuses wouldn't have Recursion.

If my life were a Link list, I'd love to spend my with you.
If my love has an expiration date, it will the end of eternity,
Until every circular linked lists have reached their Link.empty.

Just a confessional poem from John to All made CS61A to its endgame.

Tokens: 407

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Riding the BART at Scheme's Speed

The most efficient Bay Area public transportation ever.

Tokens: 465

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The Process of Humility

There's no "god" or "king"
of a place for helping out
I'm just being kind

Tokens: 511

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A Flat Circle

It is infinite,

without beginning or end.

It's just a circle.

Tokens: 27

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pg&e bad

pg&e bad
cal good
why use many word when few word do trick

Tokens: 206

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Leaves Within Leaves

Look at these green leaves,
Why are they so similar?
Oh my, a fractal!

Tokens: 423

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leaving my mark here
how long will this be around
maybe forever

Tokens: 77

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I hope this makes you happy

Life is hard.
You are sweet : )

Tokens: 235

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Polys and Gons
Making the journey around
Saluntant solis.

Tokens: 156

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The power is out
P G and E is at fault
My dead week is gone

Tokens: 16

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Epstein didn't kill himself

The Truth:
I probably spent more effort on this contest than Epstein did on his death
Bottom Text

Tokens: 293

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Not Creative Enough To Make A Good Title

Never full alone
One's void's filled by another
Insert Third Line Here

Tokens: 310

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Hope in Uncertainty, a lesson from Uncle Iroh

Even in the dark
keep moving forward; you shall
reach a better place

Tokens: 510

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Gonna tell my kids this won the Scheme Recursive Art Contest

Vote for this as
abstraction is key
to battling complexity

Tokens: 380

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CS61A Final Exam Problems

First scene it looks fancy
Second scene you then wanna ask what?
Final scene I don't know!

Tokens: 497

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I like em curves

Gonna tell my kids
I got first place in the cs scheme contest
cuz of this drawing

Tokens: 71

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"It's a leap of faith.
That's all it is, Miles.
A leap of faith." -Peter Parker

Tokens: 211

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Bear Territory

Day and night
From Soda to Cory
Infinite is Bear Territory.

Tokens: 494

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A Web (& Farewell to dear Kiwi)

Webs of good and bad.
Sunrise; won back the axe! But
for Kiwi I'm sad.

Tokens: 425

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help me oski sensei

oski my good friend
have mercy on my gpa
i have flex dollars

Tokens: 670

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Rooftop View of an Urban Sunset

In the western sky,
A splendid star, waving bye.
Time to eat my pie.

Tokens: 511

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Happy x 5

(let ((param1 happiness)
(param2 exam-score))
(eq? param1 param2)) -> #f

Tokens: 228

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Spherical Object

Friends: you can't win with
that. It's not even 3D.
Me: okay boomer

Tokens: 127

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Colorful Notes

Tokens: 161

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Denero's Big Hairy Ball (Theorem)

Our big hairy ball
Looks a lot like a skittle.
Token count: lol, nice.

Tokens: 69

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Make This Spiral Go Viral

CREATE TABLE Smartest_Students AS
SELECT name FROM 61A_Students
WHERE contest_vote = "This Entry".

Tokens: 348

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Filling space

I have found
the most efficient way
to draw a square.

Tokens: 523

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Tree Fractals

Recursion rampant
Scheme seems so scintillating
Combined they form art

Heavyweight Division

The Axe is Back!!!

Eighty seconds left...
Chase Garbers with the touchdown!
The axe is ours!!!

Tokens: 870

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CS 61A T-shirts!

What about "I FAILED CS 61A" t-shirt? I "hard-coded" the t-shirt:)

Tokens: 702

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the sad and sudden death of kiwibot

why did you leave us?
here alone in the darkness
dying of hunger

Tokens: 607

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D-D-Denero s-sempai

Daddy Denero,
I must know. Of you is there
a rule 34

Tokens: 590

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Fibonacci in Bloom

A pleasant river
Spirals in the sky and trees
Sit and rest awhile

Tokens: 1954

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i wasted too much time on this

i rue not spending
my time studying instead');
DROP TABLE students;--

Tokens: 1692

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CS61A Tree

Real tree recusion
Denero is root
We are leaves

Tokens: 535

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Nice bridge you got there, California!

Would be a shame if
Something were to...happen to it....
– Love, PG&E

Tokens: 790

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The Great Rhombicosidodecahedron

One begets Two,
Two beget Three,
and Three beget everything.

Tokens: 4194

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A daily dose of Nezuko for final szn

Like title.

Tokens: 882

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I'm sorry, Jon.

I just checked the fridge,
and I see no lasagna.
I'm so sorry, Jon.

Tokens: 3101

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The Impossible Block Chain

[CS61A: Computer] Science and art sometimes can touch one another, like two pieces of the jigsaw puzzle which is our human life...
--M. C. Escher

Tokens: 3893

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The back of the back of the back of the ... of the turtle

Summon a turtle
Matters collide Earth shatters
And multiverse born

Tokens: 1517

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Christmas Decorating

Season's greetings
from PG&E
Fiat Lux...oops.

Tokens: 755

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Haha, just kidding...unless?

What if Denero
passed you in 61A?
Just kidding...unless?

Tokens: 3363

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6 9

A number which is
divisible by thirteen.
Innocent value.

Tokens: 713

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Customizeable Fireworks (see code!)

Scheme turtle graphics,
while slow, can still animate
pretty fireworks :)

Tokens: 1723

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By the request of Professor John Denero,
We have ̶r̶e̶d̶a̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ changed certain lyrics.
Please take a look at the code.

Tokens: 1750

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Water Surface Slash That Final

wishes you the best of luck
on CS final.

Tokens: 1804

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High-five Me, Mr. Meseeks!

Existence is pain
but at least we have our friends
smiled the shy blue guy

Tokens: 2671

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nobody likes the cybertruck and no one likes me :(

after midterm 1 and 2, i can no longer declare cs, boo-hoo
the window, shattered like my hopes and dreams
denero make the final easier, please?

Tokens: 1041

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What if Sierpinski
Made DeNero's Triangle?
Daddy would be proud.

Tokens: 1226

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elon musk's CYBERTRUCK

I spent as much time
drawing this truck as Elon
spent on the windows

Tokens: 666

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Big Sad

This is the big sad
It is representative

Tokens: 553

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Take a careful look.
This piece features many balls.
Hmm, yes. Balls balls balls.

Tokens: 1984

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Tokens: 1622

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