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The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

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Featherweight Division

500 million rays

(length (filter (lambda (word) (= word "egg")) text))

Tokens: 509

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Fractal Tree

Tokens: 138

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Buttabrot Probability Distribution

The points that escape
From the Mandelbrot fractal
give us Buddabrot

Tokens: 474

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Blank Minded Stare

I don't know
I don't know
I don't know

Tokens: 117

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The fusion of triangles and hexagons.

Tokens: 505

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Impostor Among a Swirl of Stars

Here drifts impostor
among solitary stars;
all alone, once more.

Tokens: 496

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I was scanning in medbay

my heart thumps as I
spew evidence, but no use...
self report- they say

Tokens: 505

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this is the only time I want to be voted

Why are we in space?
I want to be at the ship!
I miss my mommy 🥺

Tokens: 433

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Hailstone Flower of 27 (Up to 80)

Up and down it goes
Each layer the magnitude
How high will it go? (FYI 9232)

Side note:
The distance from the center represents the magnitude of the hailstone value (of 27) at x (0-80). Denser layers represent the more traversed values, while spaces represent values that don't appear in the hailstone sequence.

Tokens: 321

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Time Enough

Dare I sigh relief?
How gentle the implosion
Till the bubble pops

Tokens: 509

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The Old King of Christmas

We tell our kids about Santa
But forget it is The Messiah
The Lion roaring in Judah.

Tokens: 364

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Computer Science
Where some stars thrive but most die

Tokens: 402

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Psudeo Random Heart Generator

A random heart explosion
Erratic like a human heart

Tokens: 382

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(define (spiral turtle recursion) (* special_sauce (spiral turtle recursion)))

That's a nice spiral
you've there... Shame if something were
to happen to it...

Tokens: 249

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Drake 🤔

Tokens: 19

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11:58 Submission

Lazy Work

Repetitive Calls

Clock Ticking - Help me

Tokens: 394

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Breakout Rooms be like

Red: I saw Blue kill
Body in electrical
Everyone: red sus

Tokens: 511

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You're Welcome :)

The Konami Code
Try pressing the keys right now
Darkness awaits ye ...

Tokens: 436

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Aww Man...

Tokens: 166

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My Neighbor Piglet

Once dreamt I rode a piglet to school
and most excitedly
I found a parking space

Tokens: 333

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Finals await us
Yet I make this sub-par clown
Like the clown I am

Tokens: 507

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Heavyweight Division


It is very cold.

I wish I was at the beach --

not studying, oof.

Tokens: 859

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I was in navigation but
John seems kinda sus
- Hany

Tokens: 1363

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Lightning boi

A whole speedy boi
When will the movie come out
I want to watch it

Tokens: 819

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A Petri Dish Coughed Upon

Scheme, I hate your guts
-- obtuse and complicated --
But look, pretty points.

Where the Mandelbrot set is defined as specifically the points that do not escape to infinity when iterated through the function
z_next = z^2+c,
The Buddhabrot image, which our code takes inspiration from, looks at the paths that points take when they DO escape to infinity. This is not the actual Buddhabrot image, but rather a few of these paths (called orbits), before they escape to infinity. Essentially, a complicated way to produce points that end up looking almost random with some notable patterns. Many think that this image resembles the Buddha.

Tokens: 3544

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Two Pretty Best Friends

I ain't never seen
two pretty best friends until

Tokens: 2102

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A hot dog is a
sandwich, birds are real, time is
a social construct

Tokens: 4057

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the pink killa

I am pink. CS is green. rip.

Tokens: 864

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There is 1 Impostor Among Us

I wonder who the Impostor is... Boo Trees! Go Bears!

Tokens: 1187

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The most beautiful sunsets
are the ones
that pass all the tests

Tokens: 3151

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Divine, Serene, Peace
What more do we need in these
times, plus finals soon

Tokens: 3407

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Soaring through the clouds

Searching for trees with no clout


Tokens: 3999

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False Values in Python (Mostly)

Five falsy values
They must discover the truth
I saw orange vent

Tokens: 4077

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Ultra-Heavyweight Division

This submission has too many tokens to be considered for the Heavyweight Division, but it is still part of the Gallery!


Dank Knight, burning fire
CS kids, one desire
B+, or higher

Tokens: 4990

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