CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Spring, 2005

Instructor: Brian Harvey

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Here are the final exam solutions.


  • Final Exam Review Session
    Throw tomatoes at Chung! Thursday 5/12 from 6:30-9:30pm, in 306 Soda.
    We will only be reviewing post-mt3 material. If you want to review other topics, then you will need to bring questions prepared.
    You need cardkey access. If you do not have card key access, come with a friend or stand by the door.
  • Homework 14
    Brian recently posted the following on the newsgroup:

    There were some complaints that hw12 was especially time-consuming, and hw14 also has a lot in it, so today in TA meeting we divided the problems into crucial and less-crucial. Note that *all* the exercises are valuable, and they all teach different things, so skipping exercises will decrease the quality of your learning for the week. Nevertheless, if you're feeling swamped, I'd rather you do a good job on the most important ones than a superficial job on all of them. So here's the list:

    crucial: 4.25, 4.26, 4.28, 4.42, 4.45, 4.49, 4.50, 4.52

    less crucial: 4.30, 4.32, 4.33, 4.36, 4.47, 4.48

  • Grading complaint deadlines
    In order to avoid a mass of grading complaints after the semester is over, we have a system of deadlines for complaints on particular assignments. We're a little behind on posting some grades, but will (the readers assure me) be caught up by Tuesday. So here's the schedule:
    assignments             posted  complaint deadline
    all midterms,
    HW1-12, PROJ1-3A        W 4/20          F 4/22
    HW13, PROJ3B            W 4/27          F 4/29
    HW14, PROJ4A            W 5/4           F 5/6
    HW15, PROJ4B            W 5/11          F 5/13

    This is a tight schedule, but it's necessary in order to get the problems resolved before the final exam, which is Sat 5/14. Under no circumstances will we consider any grading complaints made after these deadlines.

    To make a complaint, send email to your reader and to your TA. If your TA is cs61a-tX then your reader is cs61a-rX. This includes complaints for missing grades as well as grades you consider inaccurate. Don't send email to me -- that doesn't count as filing a complaint.

    Note that these are the deadlines for you to file complaints, not the deadlines for us to respond! But we'll try to respond to all complaints within a few days.

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