CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Spring, 2010

Instructors: Brian Harvey & Satish Rao

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  • The final will be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11, in 150 Wheeler. It will start at 11:30 AM (not Berkeley time!).
  • Final Exam Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Wednesday, 1-3PM, 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Friday, 1-4PM, 271 Soda
    • Matthias: Monday, 3-4PM, 271 Soda; Tuesday, 3-4PM, 271 Soda
    • George: Monday, 3-4PM, 271 Soda; Tuesday, 4-5PM, 271 Soda
    • Justin: Sunday (5/9), 4-7PM, 271 Soda
  • Note: There will be NO regular office hours this week from the TAs (unless otherwise specified), so please plan accordingly.
  • Correction: The HKN Review Session will be in 277 Cory, not in 306 Soda. Sorry for the error!
  • Midterm 3 Information - Note: The group portion is first, so make sure you sit with your group!
    • Date: 4/14/10
    • Time: 7-9PM
    • Location: 1 Pimentel
  • MT3 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Sunday, 4-6PM, 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Monday, 12:50-1:50PM, 271 Soda
    • Justin: Monday, 6-8PM, 271 Soda
    • George: Saturday, 3-7PM, 271 Soda
  • There is also an HKN Review Session on Sunday from 2-4PM in 277 Cory!
  • The server star.cs was shut down for spring break. Use nova.cs or torus.cs instead.
  • Midterm 2 Information
    • Date: 3/10/10
    • Time: 7-9PM
    • Location: 1 Pimentel
  • MT2 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Sunday, 12-2PM, 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Monday, 12:55-1:55PM, 271 Soda; Tuesday, 3:15-4:15PM, Qualcomm Cafe
    • Justin: Sunday, 2-4PM, 271 Soda
  • If you didn't get the midsemester course evaluation sheet, please download, print, and fill it out. You need to give it to your TA to get your midterm back!
  • Midterm 1 Information
    • Date: 2/17/10
    • Time: 7PM
    • Location: 1 Pimentel
  • MT1 Extra Office Hours Schedule:
    • Ahmed: Monday, 1:30-3PM, 271 Soda
    • Jordy: Tuesday, 3-4PM, 751 Soda
    • Justin: Monday, 3-6PM, 271 Soda
  • There is a mistake in the "Connect From Home (Windows)" guide! The host "h50.cs.berkeley.edu" no longer exists. Please use "star.cs.berkeley.edu" or "cory.eecs.berkeley.edu", or any other (existing) host of your choice. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Welcome to CS61A!
  • Reminder: For this week, both section meetings will be in the lab (271 Soda)!

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