61A Homework 0

Extended: Due by 7pm on Monday, 1/28.

Submission. See the online submission instructions.

Course Survey. Please complete our online course survey. The survey is for the instructors to get to know their students better, and your responses will be kept confidential to the staff. The survey is also due by 7pm on Friday, 1/25, and the confirmation message will give you the answer to Q3.

Q1. Read the Course Info page on the course website. Somewhere on that page, you will find out when Amir took CS 61A. Fill in the blank with the year:

def stone_age():
    """Returns the year in which Amir took CS 61a."""
    return  _____

Q2. Login to Piazza and add CS 61A if it's not in your list of classes. Read the message titled "The answer to hw0 q2" and fill in the blank with Amir's favorite baseball player:

def favorite_player():
    """Returns Amir's favorite baseball player."""
    return  '_____'

Q3. Complete the course survey linked above and note the confirmation message. Then fill in the blank with Amir's favorite number:

def favorite_number():
    """Returns Amir's favorite number."""
    return  _____