Scheme Recursion Exhibition

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (translation: please don't just vote for your friends).

In order to vote and earn 1 of the 2 points for HW14, complete and submit Voting is due on Friday, May 10, 11:59pm.


Featherweight Division

Submission 0 - Your title here: a masterpiece of modern art

Zeno was a wise man
Ramanajun was wiser
Learn to add, man

0.scm (52 tokens)

Submission 1

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

1.scm (221 tokens)

Submission 2


2.scm (238 tokens)

Submission 3 - Happy Dance

Lotus flowers and
Snails doing the
Happy dance no frogs

3.scm (242 tokens)

Submission 4 - Spacetime Shell

I watch turtles weave
With their universal thread
Abstraction is art

4.scm (243 tokens)

Submission 5 - Our Grades in this Class

I am really f***ed
Where did the semester go
F*** F*** F*** F*** F***

5.scm (31 tokens)

Submission 6 - Me Gusta

That moment when your
code runs just right the first time:
biggest Me Gusta.

6.scm (249 tokens)

Submission 7 - Amir puts the "CS" in OlympiCS

Amir won gold at
the Olympics now he is
a Kamillionaire

7.scm (210 tokens)

Submission 8 - Mutant Snowflake

Koch and Brentley say,
"Snowflakes have six sides apiece,"
but I disagree.

8.scm (88 tokens)

Submission 9 - The Spinning Stars and the Stripes Forever

Don't look for too long.
You may see the stars spinning
Go America!

9.scm (251 tokens)

Submission 10 - Roots

Roots lacking color.
But with some recursion, will
grow colorfully.

10.scm (121 tokens)

Submission 11

I was so convinced
this was the answer to twenty-two
You could say I was pretty close

11.scm (66 tokens)

Submission 12 - finals more like fml amirite

Like this arrow, our
grades after the finals will point
anywhere but up

12.scm (61 tokens)

Submission 13 - Abstract Tower

Recursive iteration, loop formation.
Identical symmetry, mirrors perfectly.

13.scm (166 tokens)

Submission 14 - And Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow

Bursting into bloom
A bouquet of gracideas
Gift of recursion.

14.scm (139 tokens)

Submission 15 - recursion springs eternal

Recursive flowers
drawn in an infinite loop--
Eternal spring

15.scm (95 tokens)

Heavyweight Division

Submission 18 - Starry Night (Berkeley Edition)

Warm sprint nights under
a recursive Milky Way;
we code until dawn

18.scm (615 tokens)

Submission 19 - Eleisa's Miracle

A useless item,
Don't buy it while playing in
The League of Legends

19.scm (276 tokens)

Submission 20 - rockets

rockets rockets rock
ets rockets rockets rockets
rockets rockets rock

20.scm (950 tokens)

Submission 21 - now in 3D (oh god I haven't slept)

Invest in this code
Get your money back and more
A Pyramid Scheme

21.scm (400 tokens)

Submission 22 - Thanks Amir

Amir was awesome
But now the year is over
Amir is awesome.

22.scm (504 tokens)

Submission 23 - Majoras Mask

Little Goblin Here
Now Wearing Majoras Mask
Creating Chaos

23.scm (1059 tokens)