CS 61A

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Spring 2015

Instructor: John DeNero


Extra lectures are completely optional and open to everyone enrolled in 61A. They are held on Thursdays in 2050 Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB) from 5pm to 6:30pm. To earn 1 unit of credit for completing extra lecture homeworks, enroll in CS98-052. You should also join the Piazza.

Extra Lecture Calendar

Week Date Lecture Homework
1 Thu 1/29 Newton's Method
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e01.py)
Extra Homework 1 (due Thu 2/12) (Solutions)
2 Thu 2/5 Decisions (Kevin Chen)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e02.py)
3 Thu 2/12 Lambda Calculus (Chenyang Yuan)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e03.py)
4 Thu 2/19 Huffman Encoding Trees (Soumya Basu)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e04.py)
Extra Homework 2 (due Thu 3/5) (Solutions)
5 Thu 2/26 Constraint Programming (Dominick Lim)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e05.py)
6 Thu 3/5 Object System Implementation (Brian Hou)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e06.py)
7 Thu 3/12 Reinforcement Learning (Marvin Zhang)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e07.py)
8 Thu 3/19 No Lecture: Midterm 2
9 Thu 3/26 No Lecture: Spring Break
10 Thu 4/2 Macros
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e08.scm)
Extra Homework 3 (due Thu 4/16) (Solutions)
11 Thu 4/9 Graphics (Andrey Elenskiy & Michael Schuldt)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e09.py)
12 Thu 4/16 Logic Programming (Marvin Zhang)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e10.py)
13 Thu 4/23 Parallelism (Sumukh Sridhara)
(1pp) (1pps) (8pp) (e11.py)