CS 61A

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Spring 2015

Instructor: John DeNero

Practice Problems

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Llama Yak HOFEnv Diag, Hofs Average
BabyLists, Strings Average
ContainsTrees, Recursion Basic
Count BranchesTrees, Recursion Basic
Filter TreeTrees, Recursion Average
Find MaxTrees, Recursion Basic
If This Not ThatControl Basic
KnapsackTree Recursion, Lists Advanced
Lambda FillinsFunctions, Hofs Average
Less Than CountersControl, Hofs, Iteration Average
Magic IndexLists, Recursion Average
Much Such WowEnv Diag, Hofs, Lambdas Advanced
Numbers WithinControl, Recursion Advanced
Over Nine ThousandTrees Basic
Replace with LeafTrees, Recursion Average
Sum of all MultiplesControl Basic
Function IntroductionsTrees Basic
Triangular SumIteration Basic
Tuple ReplaceTuples, Hofs Average