Additional Resources

Instructional Accounts and Glookup

To use instructional computers in the lab and for getting grades on glookup (which accesses the official grade roster for this course), you will need a "cs61a-*" account. You can get one on the CS61A Account Administration page, which also allows you to see your glookup grades. On this same page, you will find the registration form that you will need to fill out once you have an account. Be sure to both get and register your account as soon as possible.

Some cs61a accounts are administrative only, in that we use them only for internal purposes and you do not get an actual Unix account with them. If you actually need a Unix account and only have an administrative one, let us know. Either kind suffice for access to glookup.

Setting up your computer for 61A

  • Windows:

    • Setting Up and Using Python (video)
    • Connecting from home (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)
  • Mac OSX:

    • Part 1: Setting up Python (video)
    • Part 2: Setting up Emacs (video)
    • Part 3: SSH and the Terminal (video)
    • Connecting from home (pdf)

Learning in 61A

Enrolled/Waitlisted students have access to the screencasts through CalCentral ( -> My Classes -> CS61A (Right hand side) or through bCourses via a tab called Course Captures.

Programming in 61A

Midterms and Final Resources

Past Exams

Computer Science Mentors (CSM) Worksheets

Guerilla Sections

Midterm 1 Resources

Midterm 2 Resources

Final Resources

More Resources by Topic

Make sure to check out CSM, Guerilla Sections and the other links above before taking a look at the following. Do not feel like you have to solve all of them in order to feel sufficiently practiced. This is a convenience for you, so that you can reference a single page for your studying needs. Start with the ones you feel most weak in, and if you didn't happen to go through all of them, it's okay!

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