The exam will be on Wednesday 3/15 from 8:10pm - 10:10pm. Please arrive by 8:00pm. We will start promptly at 8:10pm.


We will assign you to an arbitrary seat for the exam. If you want a left-handed desk or want to request something else about your seat assignment (for example, you recently broke your foot and need an aisle seat), please fill out this form by Monday 3/13 @ 11:59pm. If you already filled out the form for Midterm 1, you do not need to fill it out again (i.e. we'll remember your preferences from last time).

We will email you your assigned room and seat on Tuesday before the exam. If you do not receive a seat by Wednesday, please make a private Piazza post to let us know.

Exam Policy

You must bring your Cal student ID or a government-issued photo ID. The exam is open-note, so you may bring an unlimited amount of notes, slides, books, practice exams, or other paper materials. You may not use any electronic devices.

You should bring scratch paper. We will not grade your scratch work, so you must write your answers on the exam itself.

Topics Covered

You are responsible for the sum total of human knowledge from the beginning of recorded history, with particular emphasis on the content of this course. Historically, we don't really have time for much other than course content. You should assume that anything we've covered up to the time of the exam might be covered. We are reasonable, of course: you need not expect that material from the immediately preceding week will be emphasized.


The best way to study for the midterm is to work through practice problems. The course staff has put together the following resources:

The weekly schedule has times and locations of review sessions: