The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

To cast your vote, complete and submit this Google form. Voting is due on Monday, May 8th at 11:59pm.

Featherweight Division

Colorful Angles

Red, yellow, green, blue.
So simple, yet so pretty.
Colorful angles.

Tokens: 60

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In the twilight sky
Leave CS behind and see
Lanterns floating by.

Tokens: 118

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Rainbow Succulent

Life is succulent
It would suck to be a plant
Congrats! You are not

Tokens: 248

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where the code ends and
nature begins, few know. What
is reality?

Tokens: 248

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The small eat the large
Their never-ending hunger
Will be what kills them.

Tokens: 255

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Heavyweight Division


The bouncing light rays
Travel through the Menger Sponge
For your eyes to see.

Tokens: 1731

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Cityscape breathing
buildings and bridges trembling
under the night sky.

Tokens: 1488

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Relativity Stairs

These are some strange stairs.
Gravity does not apply.
Up and down they go.

Tokens: 434

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Lo and Behold the Piazza Pizza

yum yum yum yum yum
yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
piazza pizza

Tokens: 2139

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