Meet the academic interns

Academic Interns

Academic Interns help students in lab sections and office hours.

Abhishek Mahesh

Abishek Shankar

Ahan Sabharwal


  • Hi! I'm a freshman majoring in CS and Economics. I enjoy salt & vinegar chips, coffee milk tea and popcorn chicken.

Alan He

Albert Chen

Alexander Feng

Alexander Wu


  • I like reading, watching youtube, and discussion cs related topics. I'm also notorious for posting on piazza. Feel free to reach out to me for any reason whatsoever!

Alexia Camacho


  • I'm a first year EECS student from SoCal who switches off between Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube on her free time. I also enjoy taking naps probably more than I should.

Almitra Dabholkar


  • Almitra is currently pursuing a degree in computer science and is interested in exploring the various applications of computing. She is also very passionate about teaching computer science to others. In her free time, she likes to eat, bake, play tennis, and hang out with her dog!

Amy Huang


  • I'm Amy and I am a first year student studying computer science :D I love plants and art and Berkeley!

Andrew Dacayanan

Andy Zhao


  • Hi! My name is Andy Zhao and I'm a first year intended CS + Stats double major. In my spare time, you can probably find me playing basketball or rewatching my favorite shows on Netflix.

Angela Jiang

Angela Lee


  • I'm took CS61A in Fall 2018 and I'm intending an L&S CS major. I love teaching CS and I'd be happy to help people with little or no CS experience! My hobbies include memes, baking, anime, and badminton. Ask me anything!

Angela Liu


  • Hi, I'm currently a first year intending to major in CS. CS 61A was my favorite class last semester so I hope you all have a great time!

Anita Shen


  • Heylo!! I'm a first year CS major from Irvine, CA. Between juggling classwork and pursuing my other hobbies in volunteer work or choir, I love baking and bullet journaling while listening to early 2000's pop music in the middle of the night. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Anjali Kantharuban

Ann Yoo Abbott

Anthony Ding


  • Hi! I'm Anthony, a first-year EECS major from Cupertino, CA. I love drinking boba, making music, and creating cool websites. Looking forward to a great semester!

Archita Bhattacharya

Arshavir Karapetyan

Ashley Zhang

Aster Guan


  • hi! my name is Aster; I like writing and studying Greek and Roman history and culture. I'm very much so a humanities baby (I'm a first year intended Classics & CompSci double major) but I also like programming and helping others ^_^ (also as my friends like to complain, I'm a BTS ARMY so hit me up if you're a fellow fan~)

Atharva Mehendale


  • Hi! I'm a first-year from San Jose intending to study Computer Science and Business Administration. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd (took the DeCal last semester too) and love Marvel/DC comics (especially Batman), Game of Thrones, The Office, Black Mirror, Stranger Things (and most Netflix shows for that matter). Looking forward to a fantastic semester!

Ayato Kobayashi

Ayush Kamat


  • Hey! My name is Ayush, I am a freshman intended CS major. I am from Thailand, although my family is from India. I speak four languages (English, Thai, Hindi, Mandarin - so say hi to me in any of those four). I play the drums and am a big Lakers fan (pre-Lebron so no bandwagon). Talk to me about any and all of the above, and anything to do with computers, the internet, or DC/Marvel.

Ayush Sehgal


  • I'm an international student from Thailand but I am culturally Indian. I nerding out about technology and using the computer. I am a first year here intending on majoring in Computer Science and most likely Cognitive Science as well.

Briana Zhang

Carol Xie

Catherine Gee

Chirasree Mandal


  • Hi! I'm a first year intended CS student from Evanston, Illinois (real close to Chicago, and where Mean Girls [2004] is set). I love problem solving and learning computer science, and I'm very excited to be an academic intern for 61A this semester. Ask me about midwestern winters, stationery, or 2000's pop culture!

Chris Park

Christian Vasquez

Conner Cattaneo

Cynthia Wu

Cynthia Zhong

Daniel Van Der Maden

Danny Reidenbach

Denny Rich

Dhruba Ghosh

Divya Parimi

Edward Han

Emerson Shoichet-Bartus

Emily Nguyen

Emily Wang

Erica Li


  • Hi there! I'm a junior exchange student, and my major is finance. When I'm not debugging, you may find me having bobas or struggling with financial statements and maths. I really enjoyed this course and hope you will, too! Happy debugging! :D

Erin Liao


  • Hey! I'm Erin, and I'm a third-year applied mathematics major (with a concentration in CS!) I just transferred to Cal this past fall, but am originally from Pleasanton, a small town just half an hour from here. Come talk to me about backpacking, concerts, math, kombucha, and of course, 61A!

Eunice Chan

Francis Indaheng

Frank Wang

Frederick Kim

Fuzail Shakir


  • Hey, I am a relatively boring international first year EECS/Econ major. When I'm not catching up on lectures at 2x speed. or coding. you can probably find me watching an unhealthy amount of Batman or cooking.

Gautam Mittal

Gavin Groode

Grace Luo


  • Hi! I'm Grace, a first-year EECS major from Cupertino, CA. I love running, playing the ukulele, and nerding out over Silicon Valley (the tv show)!

Haoming Guo

Ivy Li

Ja Wattanawong


  • Hi! I'm Ja, and I'm a freshman EECS major from Thailand. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Jack Wang


  • Hi! I'm a second year from Santa Barbara studying eecs. I tend to watch youtube way too much, and Netflix's Dogs documentary series is one my favorite shows. Feel free to talk to me about social effects of tech, music, sports, and or 61a. I hope all of you have a great semester.

Jai Bansal


  • Hey! This is my first semester at Berkeley hoping to major in Computer and Data Science. When I'm not on that grind I'm out tossing the disc or writing my blog or crying over the Saints loss. Feel free to talk to me about anything!

Jake Fletcher


  • I'm a 1st year EECS student from San Luis Obispo, CA. I want to be a software engineer in the future, and I'm also learning Japanese; one day I'd like to live in Tokyo!

Jamie Ip


  • If curious as to why Python trees are upside down, conventional wisdom says that the programmers who invented them never went out of the basement and saw a real tree.

Jason Keung


  • Hi hello! I'm a freshman from Orange County, CA looking to major in CS and Applied Math. I just took 61A last semester and discovered my love for teaching CS this semester :') Outside of academics, I spend a lot of time dancing in AFX; this semester I'm on AFeggs!

Jay Monga


  • Hi! I'm a freshman from Chicago intending to double major in Applied Math and CS. I like table tennis, tennis, video games, and sometimes programming.

Jennifer Huang

Jenny Wang


  • Hello! I'm Jenny and I'll be AI'ing for CS61A this semester. Outside of class, you might see me spilling soy sauce and sriracha on all of my food choices. Hope to see you around!

Jin Wei Zhang

Jiong Han Yeo

Jonathan Luo

Jonathan Wang

Jun Hee Han

Justin Huynh

Kaitlyn Gunadhi

Katherine Peng

Kayla Luna

Kevin Chen


  • Hi my name is Kevin Chen but most people call me Chevin. I_m a first year EECS major from Newbury Park, California. I love playing basketball, League of Legends, and various care games. I also love watching the NFL and NBA. I believe helping other students is a very rewarding activity for both parties involved, and I_m excited for a great semester as an academic intern.

Kevin Liu


  • Kevin is a lame (cool) programmer and has some experience in game development with GameMaker and Unity.

Kevin Zhu


  • Hey! Im a freshman intended cs major. Outside of class, I enjoy playing league and other video games and like to talk to people.

Kimberly Zhu

Krish Nayar

Kyle Tucker


  • Hi, I_m Kyle, I am a decond year EECS major who took CS61A 2 semesters ago. Im eager to give back to the program that shaped me into the coder I am today!

Kyra Nicole Arona

Laiming Huang

Laurance Lau

Licheng Zhong

Linda Deng


  • Hello! I'm Linda, and I'm an intended CS and Statistics double major from Canada.

Manav Rathod

Margaret Liu

Mason Haberle


  • Hi, I'm Mason! I'm a second year math major who loves exploring the intersection between math and CS through an educational lens. I also love gaming and origami.

Matthew Byeun

Matthew Guo


  • hi. i'm matthew. im a computer scientist. i like drawing and watching tv shows. i hope you like me.

Maxime Berenshteyn

Maxwell Chen

Medha Maddileti

Melvin Aristio

Micah Yong

Michael Chen

Michael Park

Michael Wang

Michelle Fae D'Souza

Nareg Megan


  • I'm a first year Computer Science student here at Berkeley. I enjoy python, fun side projects, and coding in general. I look forward to helping students with interesting problems in 61A!

Neel Dhoundiyal


  • Hi!! I'm Neel and I'm a freshman studying Computer Science. This is my first time on the CS 61A course staff and I'm excited to meet all of you!!

Neha Bashyam

Nikash Khanna

Nicholas Sambold

Oliver Bryniarski

Paran Sonthalia


  • Hey! I'm Paran and I'm an aspiring computer science major from Mountain View! My hobbies include building apps and reviewing supercars ( If you ever want to talk about supercars, hmu!

Patrick Heppert

Patrick Wang

Pengyuan Chen


  • Hey there, I'm Pengyuan. I am a freshman intending to major in computer science and applied mathematics. I enjoy teaching students in 61A. Seeing their improvement and guiding them towards the 'A-ha' moment makes this experience very fulfilling. Besides teaching, I enjoy music, working out, mixology and watching Friends :')

Pranshu Bansal


  • Hi! I am Pranshu and I am an undeclared freshman in the College of Engineering. I think boba is overrated. I mean it's just tasteless squishy balls. I love to talk about life, the universe and everything. Hit me up for a useless conversation in the middle of the night before a final.

Raghav Singh


  • Hi! I am a 1st year intended EECS major. I have been coding for the past 6 years. I enjoy hiking, cooking and playing sports. Really enjoy design and making stuff at the makerspace. Feel free to email me if you ever want to grab a coffee or get a detailed review of every single cafe around campus. If you need to find me I am probably taking a nap or at Starbucks.

Rahul Arya

Richard Xue

Ritika Shrivastava

Ru Pei


  • Hey! My name is Ru, I_m a first year intended CS and Haas double major. I love watching and playing sports, poker, and binge watching tv shows in my free time.

Sara Siddiqui


  • Hi, I'm Sara, a first year Data Science major from Southern California. When I'm not working on classes, I'm sleeping, eating my heart out, practicing my handwriting, or swimming! Please feel free to contact me!

Sean He


  • I am a First-Year Computer Science Major, also considering about Data Science. I like to play tennis, work-out, and watch t.v. shows.

Sean O'Brien


  • Hi all! I'm Sean (pronouns he/him/his), a first-year EECS and Cognitive Science major. I'm excited to help out with 61A this semester -- if you have any questions about the class (or just want to talk about piano or Black Mirror) feel free to reach out!

Sean Sananikone

Shreyans Sethi


  • Hi! I'm Shreyans (call me Shrey) and I'm a freshman intending to declare CS and Physics (keyword - intending). Some quick facts about me: I'm from Thailand, I can and should be bribed with food (literally anything except raisins), I love Harry Potter, photography, rugby, and Bollywood music (I once hummed Kabira under my breath for an entire midterm). I love talking to people so come say Hi! (Conversation starter: Ask me about my pet squirrel).

Shreyas Krishnaswamy

Shriya Nandwani


  • Hey, I'm Shriya! I'm from the Bay Area, and I enjoy making puns, watching The Office, and of course, memes. Excited to be a part of the CS 61A community this semester!

Siddharth Kumaran

Sino Oulad Daoud

Sohum Hulyalkar

Stefan Kuklinsky

Sumer Kohli

Sunay Poole

Tiantian Cao

Tim Lee


  • Hi! I'm Tim, a second year Computer Science and Psychology major. In my free time, I enjoy playing badminton, board games, and talking to my dog. Feel free to reach out if there's something I might be able to help you with!

Uma Khatri


  • I'm a second year Cognitive Science major interested in computation in linguistic science. Other interests include archaeology, kickboxing, and any type of music ! Hope you have a great 61A experience, I did when I took it last semester.

Vandana Ganesh

Vedavit Shetty


  • Hi! I'm a second year CS / Data Science major from SoCal. I also do acting and modeling in the entertainment industry in LA and you can find some of my work on IMDB. I love playing basketball, journaling, and making music in my free time. Feel free to email me about anything (doesn't have to be CS).

Victor Jann

Vincent Chiang


  • I am from San Francisco and currently pursuing a Computer Science Major in College of Letters&Science. I love to listen to music, game, and read, so HMU for any suggestions.

Vincent Truong

Violet Yao

Warren Alphonso

William Hsu

Woojin Ko


  • Hey everyone! My name's Woojin and I'm a 2nd year EECS major. Aside from not showering and never interacting with females, I love to play/watch soccer and basketball, read books, eat lots of food, and mess with people. I look forward to working with you all!

Xin Cao


  • Hi. I_m Xinyun Cao(Also go by Xin[Sheen], Siri), a Computer Science and Applied Math intended freshman. I took 61a last semester and my favorite project is Ants. In my free time I sing a cappella, play table tennis and watch anime. Anyway feel free to contact me. Happy coding and go bears(ants).

Yanlai Yang


  • Hi! I'm Yanlai Yang and I'm a first year prospective CS/Applied Math major. Looking forward to a great semester as an Academic Intern!

Yersultan Sapar

Yisel Salazar


  • Hey! My name is Yisel Salazar and I'm from Los Angeles. I like to listen to music, and you'll probably always see me with a coffee in my hand.

Yongqi Gan

Yuhong Chen

zhimin cai

Zitong Xiao

Ziyao Zhang