Homework 12:

Due by 11:59pm on Sunday 5/12


Submission: When you are done, submit with python3 ok --submit. You may submit more than once before the deadline; only the final submission will be scored. Check that you have successfully submitted your code on okpy.org. See Lab 0 for more instructions on submitting assignments.

Using Ok: If you have any questions about using Ok, please refer to this guide.

Grading: Homework is graded based on effort, not correctness. However, there is no partial credit; you must show substantial effort on every problem to receive any points.

This homework has nothing you need to submit to ok. Rather, there are 3 surveys you need to fill out.

This homework is worth 3 points (out of a total of 25 for homework)

Q1: CS 61A Online Survey

Fill out the online survey for CS 61A. This is separate from the official course evaluations.

Q2: CS 61A Course Evaluations

Fill out the course evaluations for CS 61A (including for your GSI).

Q3: Scheme Art Contest

Vote for your favorite scheme art submission!