Meet the academic interns

Academic Interns

Academic Interns help students in lab sections and office hours.

Aditya Ramaakrushnan

Aditya Saravanan

Aditya Varma


  • Hi, I'm Aditya (he/him) and I'm a first-year intended CS major here at Cal! I am originally from Houston, Texas and previously lived in NY and the Bay Area. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, engaging with the theatre community on campus, and working with the ASUC. Very excited to be an AI!

Ahmed Baqai

Alberto Checcone

Alex Xu


  • I'm a freshman CS student, also interested in philosophy, economics, cognitive science but definitely not any kind of biology. I'm also a big Matt Damon fan, have a love/hate relationship with Linux, collect Pokemon stickers and merch, and my favorite YouTube personality is 3blue1brown.

Alfred Quan

Alina Trinh


  • Hi! My name's Alina and I'm currently studying EECS. I took CS61A last semester and love to teach. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help!

Andrew Wang

Aneesh Konda


  • Hey! I'm a first year studying computer science from Fremont, CA. Feel free to talk to me about Kanye, Travis, or hip hop in general. (and of course CS61A!)

Anikait Singh


  • I am a first year student intending to study CS. I am excited to be part of the cs61a community this semester.

Anthony Jang

Aram Kazorian


  • Hi! My name is Aram, and I am a first year Computer Science major. I enjoy listening to music(Kanye/Radiohead are huge for me), playing/watching basketball, guitar and video games. I also love a good Marvel or Quentin Tarantino movie. I'm looking forward to helping out in labs, but feel free to talk about anything!

Arunan Thiviyanathan

Arushi Somani


  • Hey! I'm Arushi (she/her/hers). I'm a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I am a part of AWE, CalHacks Fellowship, and OCF. I'm always open to questions and talking about project ideas. In my free time, I'm hanging out at the lab in MLK (come say hi!)

Ashley Chu

Avery Perez


  • Hey! I'm Avery (he/him/his) a first-year EECS major from the Bay Area, and I'm excited to be a 1st time AI. My hobbies include playing video games, sports (go niners!), and the marimba (catch me at a cal wind ensemble concert).

Avyakth Challa

Ayush Sharma


  • Hi there! I'm Ayush! My pronouns are he/him/his, and I'm a second-year Computer Science major from Washington State. I love Ultimate, videogames, and music (I'm currently learning how to play the ukulele!). I'm super excited to meet y'all - let's make this semester awesome! :)

Ben Cuan


  • (he/him/his) Hi everyone! I'm a first year studying CS and psychology, and I'm excited to be an AI! If I'm not doing school work I like to make games, play piano, and draw stuff. Hope to see you around :)

Boyang Li

Brandon Fajardo


  • Hello, I'm Brandon! I'm an intended CS major currently taking CS61B and EECS16B. I took CS61A last semester, and this is my first time being an AI. I am excited to help CS61A students. If you see me around, feel free to say hi! :)

Brandon Tran

Charles Wang


  • Hello! My name is Charles (he/him series) and I'm so excited to be an academic intern for this semester! Few fun(?) facts about me: - I'm from Boston, MA (east coast gang) - I play tennis, frisbee, and run - I don't like cilantro, but I love mushrooms:) Looking forward to meeting y'all!

Connie Shi


  • Hi! I'm a freshman EECS major from SoCal, and you can find me running around campus and bullet journaling in my free time!

Cyrus Bugwadia


  • Hi everyone! I'm Cyrus, a first-year intended CS major from San Jose, California, and I can't wait to get to know you guys better :')

Dahlia Saba


  • Hey there! I'm Dahlia (she/her/hers pronouns), and I'm a first year EECS major from Oakland. My current favorite hobby is knitting while watching The Wire. Talk to me about good books or bad reality TV shows!

Dexter To


  • Hello! I'm Dexter (pronouns he/him/hers), and I'm a freshman studying CS. I took 61A last semester, and it was my favorite class! I'm from LA, and I love swimming, watching basketball, listening to hip hop, and playing video games. I'm excited to help y'all succeed!

Edward Chau

Elizabeth John


  • Hi! I'm a freshman majoring in EECS and Music and considering a minor in Education. I love watching sports, reading, and Indian food!

Elvis Wei


  • What up I’m Elvis and I go by the he-series pronouns. CS is fun but CS61A can be hard so that’s why I am an AI. I’m a freshman who took the class last semester and it was super dope so I’m looking forward to help y'all out.

Eric Wang

Erik Han

Francisco Robles

Grace Li

Hannah Moore


  • Hello! I'm an applied math major (with a concentration in CS!) from Richmond, CA. I transferred to Cal last semester and 61A was pretty much my first introduction to a CS course. I had lots of fun learning the content and I hope you will too :') Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Haydn Gwyn


  • Hello! I'm a first year math/cs major from Maryland, close to DC. I enjoy (apart from math and cs) playing tennis, studying other languages, and teaching, and I'm really looking forward to being an AI for the first time this semester :).

Isabel Gerrard


  • Hi I'm Izzy (she/hers). I study cognitive science, computer science, and Japanese. I'm here for a good time, no stress. Feel free to reach out :)

Isadora White


  • Hi! My name is Isadora, but most people call me Izzy. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I am a first year intended Computer Science major. I didn't come to Berkeley looking to major in Computer Science, but CS61A changed my mind! I look forward to being an AI for this course this semester.

Jason Tao


  • Hey y'all! My name is Jason and I'm a freshman studying EECS and business administration. I love playing soccer and ultimate frisbee and I also love food (includes boba)! If any of you guys are struggling, don't be afraid to come for help!

Jennifer Luo


  • Hi :) I'm a first-year intending CS from Long Island, New York! I love boba, kpop, anime, standup comedy, and sleeping! Feel free to reach out with questions about the class or just anything (I'm always down to fangirl or weeb out!)

Jeremy Tien


  • Heyo! I'm a first-year EECS major from Cupertino, CA. I love hanging out and playing basketball, board games, or anything in between. Hit me up for any 61A-related questions, I'm happy to help!

Jim Kang

Julie Ma


  • Hi! I am currently a freshman intending to declare CS and MCB. I love taking buzzfeed quizzes (found out I'm the UNO reverse card, YAY!), drinking copious amounts of boba, doing cardio dance on the weekends, and eating ramen in the laundry room at 1 am.

Justin Ngai

Justin Pau


  • Hewwo! OWO it's me! One of the lab assistants this semester! x3 Watashi hoping to make your time in CS61A fun and enjoyable!! >W<

Justin Xia


  • I am a freshman intending to major in CS & Math, standard Berkeley + Chinese international combination. I like Starbucks and my favorite Pokemon is Squirtle. Also sorry to have my email so long bc I was trying to come up with the most unique and creative email name. But do ask me if you have any technical questions or just wanna talk!

Karthik Sreedhar

Kayla Kranen


  • Hi, I'm Kayla (she/her/hers), a first year EECS major from Menlo Park, CA! I love talking about animals (especially my 4 dogs, ask me for pictures), marine life, books, and games, but feel free to talk to me about anything!

Kenneth Chi

Kushal Khangaonkar

Kyle Kishimoto


  • Hi! I'm Kyle (he/him) and I'm a first year studying math and education. After graduating my goal is to become a high school teacher. I'm excited to help out with 61A this semester!

Laryn Qi


  • Hey! I'm a first-year CS major and Music minor from the Bay Area. 61A has been my favorite class at Cal thus far, so I'm really excited to AI! Outside of CS, I enjoy playing video games, listening to music (Lauv, HONNE, 88rising, ayokay), running, and drumming. I’m super excited to meet you all :)

Lawrence Xu

Luis Navarrete

Lukas Chang


  • Hi I'm a freshman cs major who likes making music, watching anime, and climbing rocks. I only eat top dog.

Martin Hodde

Matt Zhou


  • At this moment, I'm probably searching for sushi places on Yelp, binging Rick and Morty, playing Spikeball, or trying to stick to my workout routine.

Matthew Tsai


  • Hi, my name is Matthew and I'm a first year intended to double in ORMS and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I enjoy tea, archery and UI/UX design. Feel free to reach out if there is something I might be able to help you with or if you just want to talk.

Melissa Salazar


  • Hi, I'm Melissa! I am from LA and I took CS61A last semester. I initially struggled with this class because I didn't have alot of experience with CS in highschool, but I was able to get through the course. I'm excited to help students who are going through the same struggle I did :)

Michael Lin


  • An international student from mainland China who spent 11 years in Chinese public schools before making the radical decision in life and apply to US colleges halfway into the junior year. Have an ambitious plan of biking around the bay. Love singing in the shower and was known for it across the floor.

Michael Zhu

Miguel Rodriguez


  • Hello, I'm a first year student studying computer science. In my free time you can find me watching baseball, studying, or playing video games. I really liked CS61A, and I hope I'll be able to help you also have a great semester.

Mihir Weling


  • I like listening to a variety of music, anything from Travis Scott to The Eagles. I also enjoy playing basketball and tennis, as well as the guitar!

Minnie Chen


  • Hi! I'm Minnie (she/her/hers) and I'm a second year studying Civil Engineering and EECS. This will be my second time as AI for 61A wooo I look forward to meeting y'all!

Misha Lubich


  • Hey guys, I love to code! I'd like it more if I knew to how to program better. I like to help out people — who doesn't? Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing alto sax and piano, tennis, and lifting. Email me if you have questions ( — I'll try my best to answer.

Nate Tausik


  • Hi! I'm a freshmen from LA studying Physics/CS. I love cooking, playing guitar, and of course coding. I can't wait to come back to 61A as part of the lab assistant staff!

Nicholas De Leon

Nisha Prabhakar


  • Hi! I'm a first year EECS student from the Bay Area. I love rock music and reading! :)

Param Nagda

Preetham Sura


  • Freshman computer science major who is interested in League of Legends, anime, and Spikeball

Qingyuan Liu

Reina Wang


  • def hi(name): if name == 'Reina': print('Hi! My name is Reina, and I'm a 1st year EECS major from Taiwan.) return awesome_cs61a_semester()

Richard Li

Richard Zhu


  • Hi! I'm Richard (he/him/his) and 61A is my favorite class. Some people who inspire me are Jun Takahashi, Neymar Jr., and Edward Snowden. I'm looking to meet more cool Berkeley CS bois and gyals so please let me help you with anything!

Roy Zhou


  • Hi I'm a freshman undeclared but declaring EECS soon (tm) major. I'm interested in VR, both making VR stuff and playing VR games.

Sahil Thakur


  • Hi all! My name is Sahil and I go by he/him/his pronouns. I am excited to Academic Intern this semester and I am super passionate about computer science as well. Outside of school, you probably may find me at the RSF playing racquetball or in my dorm trying to catch up on sleep.

Samarth Goel


  • HI! My name is Samarth, and I'm studying Computer Science and Business! Outside of school I play in the Cal Band, and am a part of IEEE, Berkeley investment Group, and AFX.

Sambodh Mitra


  • Hey everyone! I'm a second year CS major, and I'm really excited to be helping you all with CS 61A! I'm planning to enter the gaming industry, specifically in graphics and frontend, so if you have any questions or just want to chat about video games, come say hi!

Sarah Soares

Sehyun Chung


  • Come talk to me about soccer, NBA, React Native, blockchain, New York, and 61A!

Serena Zhang

Shein Lin Phyo (Shein)


  • 🐼 Shein Lin Phyo (Shein) 🐧 🎓 Undergraduate Student 📚 Mathematics, B.A. 🏫 UC Berkeley 🗓 Class of 2020 🥳 Go Bears! 😂 📧 ♂︎ He/Him/His/Himself 💦 MiNiMiZiNg ThRaShInG 💦

Shreyans Sethi


  • Hi! I’m Shrey (He/Him/His) and I’m a Sophomore majoring in CS. Some quick facts about me: I’m from Thailand, I can and should be bribed with food (literally anything except raisins), I love Harry Potter, photography, rugby, and Bollywood music (I once hummed Kabira under my breath for an entire midterm). I love talking to people so come say Hi! (Conversation starter: Ask me about my pet squirrel).

Shreyas Kompalli


  • Hi! I'm a CS major who's interested in all kinds of sports (basketball, tennis, soccer, and football), rap/R&B/hip-hop/jazz music, and coding.

Spencer Hamilton


  • Hi! I'm Spencer (he/him/his) and I'm a junior EECS major from Oceanside, California. In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix/Hulu and trying new instant noodles. I loved taking 61A (even though it was tough at times) and I hope you all do too!

SreeVidya Ganga


  • Hi! My name is SreeVidya Ganga, but you can call me Vidya for short. I'm a freshman here interested in Computer Science, and took 61A this past fall. In my free time, I enjoy to garden and eat family packs of hot cheetos. I can't wait for what next semester has in store!

Stephanie Trinh


  • Hi! My name is Stephanie Trinh (preferred pronouns are she/her/hers) and I'm a first year intended CS major. I really enjoyed taking CS61A and hope that y'all will too! Looking forward to an amazing semester!

Steven Christopher


  • Hi, I'm Steven! I'm a first year from SoCal who loves listening to music, playing games and watching movies. I'm super excited to meet you all and I'm looking forward to a great semester of 61A!



  • Hey I’m Tej. I’m a first year EECS Major interested in ML and AI. Looking forward to helping all of you and getting to know you this semester!

Tianchen Liu


  • The picture printed on the crew neck worn in the photo is the album cover of Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Hit me up if you wanna talk about music/films/books/anything.

Vanshaj Singhania

Viviana Michel

Will Minnis


  • I am a freshman qualified to help you only in the sense that I have been in your shoes, and made it out alive! I love CS, and can't wait to share it with you all!

Winston Purnomo


  • I'm a first year intended-CS from Indonesia! In my spare time (not that we get much around here at Cal), you can find me watching comedies on Netflix, catching up on the latest tech, or finding the next great travel deal.

yisel salazar


  • Hey! My name is Yisel Salazar and my pronouns are she/her/hers. Feel free to ask me questions, I'm always happy to help!

Yuanhan Li


  • Hi! I am Yuanhan Li and you can call me William! I go by he/him/his. I am a freshman intending to study CS and applied mathematics. Feel free to talk to me about the course, movies, or what it's like to be a Hufflepuff. Hope to meet you in labs and have a wonderful semester!

Yujie Wang


  • Hi, I'm a freshman EECS major from Canada and Michigan. I love CS, space, and helping others learn. I also took 61A year--I hope you all love it as much as I did! Feel free to email me about anything.

Yuwen Zhang

Zach Shi