Meet the TAs

We are very excited to teach you this spring! Please email course staff if you have any logistical questions or concerns. Otherwise feel free to email any of the staff members below.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs), also known as Graduate/Undergraduate Student Instructors (GSIs), focus their teaching efforts on a particular component of the course, such as sections, exam prep, or walkthrough videos.

Abhinav Ashar

Abhinav Ashar (he/him/his)

  • Head TA

  • Hey everyone! I'm Abhinav, a fourth-year EECS + Business student from Houston, Texas, and this will be my 6th semester on course staff. I'm a huge basketball fan (KD’s #1 fan), love playing the clarinet, and know where to get the best mango lassi in Berkeley. Feel free to reach out and say hi!
Addison Chan

Addison Chan (he/him/his)


  • hello! feel free email or message me if you have any questions, or if you're just feeling overwhelmed! we'll figure it out together :') my name is addison, and i'm a third year cs/stats/math major from san jose. i love listening to chill edm vibes (shameless plug:
Albert Xu

Albert Xu (he/him/his)

  • Head TA

  • It's a small world. We may be more similar than you think! If you'd like to chat with a fellow human being, I have a link for you: Or you can email me, of course.
Alex Kassil

Alex Kassil (he/him/his)

  • Head TA

  • EMAIL ME IF YOU WANNA CHAT! I wanna answer your questions so email me about ANYTHING. I just graduated from Berkeley with a CS degree in 3 years, and am coming back for a masters. Ask about classes to take, how to find internships freshman year or after, how to not do breadths at Cal, and more!!
Amrita Palaparthi

Amrita Palaparthi (she/her/hers)

  • Head TA

  • Hi everyone! I'm an EECS major from San Jose, CA. Apart from teaching, I enjoy singing, photography, cool plants, re-watching movies, and trying new kinds of food. Looking forward to meeting you all, and feel free to reach out! (she/her)
Caitlin Phan

Caitlin Phan (she/her/hers)


  • Hullo! looking forward to (zoom) meeting and cs-ing with y'all! If I’m not sleeping or busy with school stuff, you can probably find me grocery shopping at TJs, appreciating a good ole sunset, playing volleyball, utilizing my high spice tolerance, or doing something artsy.
Catherine Cang

Catherine Cang (she/her/hers)

  • Head TA

  • Hi! I'm Catherine, and I'm a fourth year CS major from San Diego. This is my fifth (and sadly final) semester TAing for CS 61A so I'm looking forward to it and I hope y'all find this class as fun as I did! Feel free to talk to me about 61A, Computer Science, Berkeley, or life in general!
Christopher Wang

Christopher Wang (he/him/his)


  • Hi everyone! My name is Chris and I am a 2nd year from the Bay Area. My current passions include league, music, and food. Feel free to talk to me about anything!
Cooper Bedin

Cooper Bedin (they/them/theirs)


  • Hello hello hello! I am a third year linguistics and CS major! I love speech perception, theoretical syntax, musical theater, knitting, and RuPauls' Drag Race. Feel free to reach out to me about absolutely anything (I love getting emails it makes me feel popular)
Jamie Hong

Jamie Hong (she/her/hers)

Murtaza Ali

Murtaza Ali (he/him/his)


  • I’m Murtaza, but you can call me Murtz. I think Scheme is beautiful, I value my beard more than my hair, and I’m obsessed with the recursive leap of faith. Come by my section the week of recursion for a special treat. If you were in my CS 10 section, no spoilers!
Patricia Ouyang

Patricia Ouyang (she/her/hers)

Rachel De Jaen

Rachel De Jaen (she/her/hers)

  • Head TA

  • Hi! I’m Rachel, I’m a fourth-year cs + spanish linguistics major from seattle. I like cats, watching jeopardy, alternative indie/rock music, and eggs. Really excited to teach 61A this semester, email me if you want to chat!
Rahul Arya

Rahul Arya (he/him/his)

Richard Roggenkemper

Richard Roggenkemper (he/him/his)

  • Head TA

  • Hi! My name is Richard. I'm a third year student from Los Gatos, California. I’m a Computer Science/Data Science major. I love skiing, cooking, and anything related to food. I’m excited to be teaching this semester!
Richard Zhu

Richard Zhu (he/him/his)


  • If you wear a headband during midterms, you gain a 20% boost in cognitive ability. Source: dude trust me
Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien (he/him/his)


  • Hi all! I'm an third-year EECS/CogSci/Applied Math major from San Carlos, CA. I hope that you come to enjoy the course as much as I have and that you meet some interesting people along the way -- looking forward to a great semester!
Vanshaj Singhania

Vanshaj Singhania (he/him/his)

  • Head TA

  • Hello hello! I'm a sophomore majoring in Computer Science & Data Science. When I'm not studying or teaching, I'm most likely working on 61A infrastructure or starting yet another side project. Either way, there's probably music playing in the background (my monthly playlist is at!
Yersultan Sapar

Yersultan Sapar (he/him/his)


  • Hey! I am a third-year CS major from Kazakhstan (from where the first astronaut was launched to the space). Email me to chat about anything related to Berkeley, CS, music, classes, martial arts, piano, teaching, internships!