Discussion 8: Midterm Review

This is an online worksheet that you can work on during discussions and tutorials. Your work is not graded and you do not need to submit anything.

Discussion 8 Vitamin

To encourage everyone to watch or attend discussion orientation, we have created small discussion vitamins. If you complete 5 of the 6 total vitamins, you can earn one point of extra credit added to your final grade in the course. Please answer all of the questions in this form by Thursday at 11:59 PM.

Exam Review Problems

There is no official worksheet for this discussion. Instead, we've compiled a problem bank consisting of 15 selected problems from past exams to aid you in your midterm review. The linked pdfs below contain questions and solutions for exam questions sorted by topic.

Problem Bank



Question Directory

For your reference, these are the problems we've used:


  • Fa19 Final Q6
  • Sp18 MT1 Q4


  • Fa20 MT2 Q1
  • Fa20 Final Q1
  • Fa16 MT2 Q7


  • Fa20 MT2 Q2
  • Fa19 MT2 Q5
  • Fa17 Final Q5


  • Fa19 Final Q5
  • Fa18 MT2 Q5


  • Fa18 Final Q4
  • Sp19 MT2 Q6

Linked Lists

  • Fa20 Final Q3
  • Fa17 Mt2 Q4
  • Sp16 MT2 Q3