Discussion 14: Final Review

This is an online worksheet that you can work on during discussions and tutorials. Your work is not graded and you do not need to submit anything.

Final Review

This week's discussion is final review! It covers various topics that have been seen throughout the semester.

Your TA or Tutor will not be able to get to all of the problems on this worksheet so feel free to work through the remaining problems on your own. Bring any questions you have to office hours or post them on piazza.

Good luck on the final and congratulations on making it to the last discussion of CS61A!

Problem Bank



Question Directory

For your reference, these are the problems we've used:


  • Paths
  • Merge Sort


  • Long Paths
  • Widest Level


  • Mutation WWPD
  • Banana Bread Reverse Environment Diagram
  • Among Us Reverse Environment Diagram


  • Emotions OOP

Linked Lists

  • Remove Duplicates


  • Repeated + Ben Repeated
  • Accumulate


  • Deep Map