Lab 4: Midterm Review

Due by 11:59pm on Tuesday, February 16.

In order to facilitate midterm studying, we've released a practice midterm for you all the complete, which can be found here. The password for the midterm is 694KAnOVjLy2rXl1qQjf4-UDRnkaxCwWZe-wyjy1Vz0. If you have already done the timed practice exam, there is no need to do anything for this lab. The only task you need to complete for this lab is completing the practice midterm. For more details on the practice midterm, see this piazza post.

For walkthrough videos of the practice exam problems, you can see this playlist which contains walkthroughs of the Fall 2020 midterm problems(Q1, 3, 4), this video for a walkthrough of Question 2.1, and this video for a walkthrough of Question 2.2.


You do not need to run python ok --submit to receive credit for this assignment. There is nothing to submit for this lab.