Scheme Art Gallery

The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

Cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 PM on Thursday, 5/5.

Featherweight Division


A single speck of black
Battling the white abyss
Deep? Nah, just a dot

Tokens: 25

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Berkeley Wifi

Can't work while studying at Doe
As unreliable as Edgar Allen Poe
Waiting for the link to loa...

Tokens: 162

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Cat in a dark room

Question not the cat
For the cat is always right

Tokens: 492

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Little green box boy
Are you ready to play now?
It's adventure time!

Tokens: 451

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Red (Taylor's Version)

Whole Lotta Red

Tokens: 71

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You are now under our control: You WILL vote for us. This is THE best twisted cord illusion.

Tokens: 271

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Tokens: 183

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The radius shrinks
As recursion reduces
The circle rotates

Tokens: 139

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Frog Bear

Bear necessities:
circles of emerald ponds,
strangers sharing souls.

Tokens: 248

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the void

my brain when i get stuck on cs61a

Tokens: 16

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Good Sentiments

Here is a bouquet -
Please vote to save our grades
- For strength for us all

Tokens: 153

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Trees, more trees, and Oh! llamas...

Who remembers the Good Ol' Days,
When there's no tree recursions,
no lambdas,
just Llambda the llama breeder and their llamas (Fall 2020 Final Q4)

Tokens: 419

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Oh, the Squares You'll Go!

One Frame, Two Frame, Red Frame, Blue Frame

Tokens: 405

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Tokens: 72

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Nature at Peace.

Mornings dawn with hope
Evenings set with gratitude
Melding sun and moon

Tokens: 305

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Eye of the Dragon (Curve)

In honor of Po
The great Dragon Warrior
You are my hero

Tokens: 430

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Yin and yang
but for me and my project partner
we had great balance.

Tokens: 412

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The City

Silent night

Tokens: 505

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No data abstraction barrier?

I could not finish my art
now it is a meme

(I hope the emotion still carries through)

Tokens: 284

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The Flame of Ambition

Ah, ye foul Tarnished—
In search of some Elden sleep
Put these hopes to rest

Tokens: 511

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i'm just a little chubby cat

hi as you can see,
i'm a little chubby orange cat.
it's okay that i don't fit your screen right

Tokens: 402

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Alien Planet

Tokens: 243

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Heavyweight Division

Scheme Cubanism

we can try and try
and this is the best result
squares and circles for all!

Tokens: 460

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No declaring CS?

Megamind is blue 🥶
I am a cow hear me moo 🐄
This is a breakthrough 🔥

Tokens: 1034

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Final Stretch

On this final stetch we must finish strong,
to prove those who doubt us wrong,
don't look back now keep moving on,
after summer we shall carry on,
struggling in CS :(

Tokens: 1763

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Please zoom out and scan
Drop a vote, even if it
makes you a lil mad.

Tokens: 2161

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Dogela Foxe: Structure and Interpretation of Doge

Doggos and fun class
April Fools' will never end
Forever legend <3

Tokens: 1062

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Doe Dreamin'

night before finals
lambda functions in my dreams
Doe dreaming of scheme

Tokens: 854

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Scream in Scheme

"Us during CS61a exam"

Tokens: 3692

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Scuffed Self Portrait

I hate recursion
So I did this manually
Please throw me some points

Tokens: 1721

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Code unhinged coder
In thy process you will find
It's a self portrait


Tokens: 3984

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Do not break the BALANCE
There are NO WINNER
After the SHOT

Tokens: 1106

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Campanile Sunset

The face that watches
smiling upon us all
singing our respite.

Tokens: 691

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Dan The Penguin (Pengun)

Dan, belov'd pengun,
An icon of Valorant,
His cuteness tops all.

Tokens: 925

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Rocco's just a rock
Rocco doesn't have a mouth
Rocco's not alive

Tokens: 763

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Recursive Turtles All The Way Down

Mysterious World.
What Lies Beyond Its Borders?
Just Turtles. Many.

Tokens: 645

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Sliding on cold snow
Into the water I go
Searching for a vote

Tokens: 3871

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Happy Rainbow Daisy

Recursing throughout,
born anew each time i grow,
happy smiles await.

Tokens: 882

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Stealthy Silhouette
Cute and Adorable Pet
Apt Autocorrect

Tokens: 3932

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Mending Rune of Scheme / Begin

Parentheses wings
tarnished tail context soul
I command thee, kneel!

Tokens: 889

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