7/9: The website was down for a little while today. Now it's back.

7/6: Sorry I did such a horrible job of introducing cons pairs today. I promise to give a much better and more coherent exposition of cons pairs on Monday!

Also, by popular demand, I'll allow you to turn in your paper copies of your projects by noon tomorrow. The electronic submission is still due tonight, though.

7/4: For those of you who didn't attend yesterday's lecture, please fill out this brief anonymous survey and bring it to me or your TA as soon as you can. Thanks! These surveys are very important and useful to me; I want to make sure I'm doing as good of a job teaching this course as possible.

7/2: nova.cs.berkeley.edu seems to be currently down (as of 9:44 PM). Try using h50.cs.berkeley.edu or cory.eecs.berkeley.edu for now. Alternate servers are star.cs.berkeley.edu and solar.cs.berkeley.edu.

6/29: Here's the essay I mentioned during Wednesday's lecture. It chronicles some of Paul Graham's experiences with using Lisp (the language on which Scheme is based) in a startup Internet company in the 1990s. If you think Lisp and Scheme are "useless", try reading the essay.

6/28: Hi everybody, I hope the class has been going well for you so far. Just a quick note: It's always OK to write helper procedures in your lab and homework assignments and projects. When we say "write a procedure that ...", we don't mean that you can only write ONE procedure to get the job done. You're totally allowed to write as many helper procedures as necessary, as long as in the end they're used together to get the correct desired result.

6/26: Welcome to CS 61A!

Our classroom is kind of hard to find (at least it was for me, maybe I'm just stupid). I know of two ways to get to it, but both are kind of weird. One way is to enter on the east side of Davis Hall, through the entrance near the garbage dumps. You'll see lots of scary industrial and mechanical equipment, but don't be frightened--keep going and you'll see elevators on your right. Take the elevators up to the fifth floor, where our classroom is. A second way is to enter on the west entrance, which is sort of near the Terrace Cafe. Then take the stairs up to the fifth floor. If you know of any better ways, please let me know.

I might try to get us a different room if it turns out to be too annoying to go back and forth between this room and Soda Hall.

By the way, if you've e-mailed me about the course and I haven't responded yet, I'm sorry. I've got a lot on my hands right now but I'll try my best to respond to your e-mails by tonight.