CS61A: The Staff

Instructor: Keenahn Jung
	    Office: 329 Soda Hall
	    AIM: K Eats Waffles
	    Tele: 510 642 9827
	    E-mail: cs61a@cs.berkeley.edu
	    Office Hours: 
	        Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10 to 11 AM   
          Thursday 9 to 10 AM
          Or by appointment!

Albert Chae
Email: cs61a-tb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours:
Section: 102, MTuWTh 2-3:30
Stewart Liu
Email: cs61a-tc@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu
Office Hours:
Section: 101, MTuWTh 12:30-2
Tony Huang
Email: cs61a-rb@imail.eecs.berkeley.edu

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