CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Summer, 2008

Instructor: Evan Chou

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Grading complaint form


  • Final Exams Grades Posted
    Final Exam Grades are now posted on glookup. You may take a look at your exams by going to Jenny Jones in 339 Soda.

    Don't forget to handle complaints as soon as we've graded the projects (the readers are working hard to get the grades out as soon as they can).

  • Final, Course Surveys, Grade complaints, etc
    [COURSE SURVEYS] Tomorrow (8/12) there will be a course survey at the end of class. Fill it out, and get a point.

    [OFFICE HOURS] I will be holding extra office hours on Wednesday from 11:00-12:30p.

    [FINAL REVIEW SESSION] TA's will be holding a final review session from 2-5p on Wednesday at 310 Soda.

    [FINAL EXAM] Will be Thursday, 12:30-3:30p at 155 Dwinelle. If you cannot make that time, then come 9:30-12:30p to 145 Dwinelle. The time limit is 3 hours (ignore the jibberish I mentioned in class). Here is the restriction we're making: If you go to the first time slot, you must stay the full 3 hours. This will prevent cheating issues.

    [COMPLAINT DEADLINE] All assignments will be graded by this Sunday, the 17th. All complaints must be resolved by the 19th, which is not a lot of time. There are no complaints allowed for the final (but we will grade it very carefully).

  • Midterm 2, HW12, and Final plan
    Midterm 2 is next Monday, August 4th, at 145 Dwinelle from 7-9pm. Again, it's open book, open notes, open reader. Meet with your group beforehand. The coverage is Generic operators (week 3B) up to and including Streams (week 6A).

    HW12, as usual for midterm scheduling, is due on Tuesday.

    The review session will be held this Sunday, August 3rd, at 310 Soda from 2-5p.

    As for the final, the plan is to have it August 14th at 12:30-3:30p, (also reserving a room from 9:30-12:30p for those that can't make the first time). If you can't make either time, email me ASAP!

  • Grade Freeze
    Get all complaints for hw1 to hw7, proj1 and proj2 in by next Monday. After next Monday (8/4), we will not allow any more complaints for those assignments.
  • Midterm 1 Complaint Deadline
    The complaint deadline for midterm 1 is next Tuesday, July 22nd. Look over your midterms and the solutions this weekend and make sure nothing is wrong. Give it to your TA if you have a complaint (tell them what the complaint is), and they will regrade the entire test.
  • Midterm 1 and HW6
    Midterm 1 will be held on Monday, 7/14, in 145 Dwinelle, from 7-9p. Be sure to meet up with your group beforehand. The midterm is open book, open reader, open notes, no computing devices! The midterm covers all topics up to (and including) week 3A (tree recursion). Note that in the sample midterms in the big reader, you will need to look at some questions from midterm 2 as well!

    The TAs are holding a review session on Sunday 2-5p in 306 Soda.

    Finally, HW6 will be bumped a day, so it will be due Tuesday at 11am.

  • Typos in Reader
    There are some typos in the reader! Basically, all the .10 's were replaced with .9 's... Sorry about this! So, make corrections in the following places:
    • 2B : change 2.9 to 2.10
    • 4B : change 3.9 to 3.10
    • 6B : change 4.9 to 4.10
    If you already did 2.9, that's fine, I'll write up solutions for that as well, but please make the changes later.
  • Homework Due Dates
    The due dates for homework are now Thursday and Monday. That is, hw3 (week 2A) is due this Thursday (along with proj1), and hw4 (week 2B) is due this coming Monday. The same will be true for future homeworks as well.
  • Discussion Groups
    Go to discussion this Tuesday (7/1), where you will be put into groups of three or four. This will be your group for discussion and for midterms. Midterms will have a group portion, a set of problems where you will work with your group to solve.
  • CSUA UNIX Help Sessions
    CSUA is holding three help sessions for UNIX:
    • 4-5p, 310 Soda
    • 5-6p, 310 Soda
    • 6-7p, 310 Soda
    They will cover how to manipulate files and folders in the terminal and other useful UNIX commands.
  • Introduction guides
    We have provided guides on how to use the UNIX systems in lab, available in html and pdf. We've also provided a guide to homework submission and the class newsgroup, also available in html and pdf.

    There are also guides to connecting from home using a Mac or a Windows PC.

    NOTE: The server in 271 Soda labs is nova.cs.berkeley.edu

    NOTE For Windows Users: It doesn't let you download SSH SecureShell anymore. Here are instructions for how to get PuTTy working with X11 Forwarding (graphics):

    1. Install Exceed (can find it here. If you can't download it, come by to office hours)
    2. In PuTTy, go to
      and check the box that says "Enable X11 forwarding"
    3. Go back to "Sessions" (tab on the left) and type the server name
      in the box labeled "Host name".
    4. SAVE the session so that you don't have to do this again. To save a session, type a name in the text box labeled "Saved Sessions" and click "Save".
    5. Double-click the session name to log in.
    Also, you might find it helpful to get a file transfer utility to transfer files to and from the server. WinSCP is a nice client, which you can get here .
  • Welcome to CS61A!
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