The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Congratulations to the following winners!

  • Featherweight:

    1. Submission 5: Waking with the Stars, by Anson Tsai (59.4% of votes)
    2. Submission 12: The All Seeing All Knowing Eye of Albert Wu, by Anish Prabhu (8.8% of votes)
    3. Submission 16: THE SCHEMING TREE, by Daniela Koch and Catherine Ashley (7.6% of votes)
  • Heavyweight:

    1. Submission 0: A Pair of Snowflakes, by James Lin (20.9% of votes)
    2. Submission 7: Cat Hiding in Circles, by Jianing Wang (20.1% of votes)
    3. Submission 13: Sunrise or Sundown, by Boyuan Yu (18.9% of votes)

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's 61A Recursion Exposition contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (translation: please don't just vote for your friends).

In order to vote, complete and submit Homework 12. Voting is due on Wednesday, 8/12, 11:59pm.

Featherweight Entries

Submission 1 - Squares

Simple elegance
Equality everywhere
Who doesn't like squares?

1/contest.scm (118 tokens)

Submission 1

Submission 2 - Scheme, Lord of Lispland

Banished from my homeland (MIT)
And now you dare enter my realm
You are not prepared

2/contest.scm (132 tokens)

Submission 2

Submission 3 - Spirals?

I don't know
What the heck this is,
But go bears!.

3/contest.scm (61 tokens)

Submission 3

Submission 5 - Waking with the Stars

When the sun comes up
Even those sitting in space
Can see its bright light


5/contest.scm (118 tokens)

Submission 5

Submission 8 - At the End of a Rainbow

Rain dries blissfully,
leaving bright diamonds of color
and a tunnel of hope.

8/contest.scm (217 tokens)

Submission 8

Submission 9 - Tail-Recursion X FIBONACCI X MONDRIAN

Albert: Think you are done with RECURSION? NOT YET!
Albert: Think you are done with FIBONACCI? NOT YET!
ME: Blimey! I am sure MONDRIAN is involved too! See?

9/contest.scm (89 tokens)

Submission 9

Submission 10 - Broccoli

Broccoli's ready, hold
steady, on pizza, heavy,
like mom's spaghetti.

10/contest.scm (179 tokens)

Submission 10

Submission 12 - The All Seeing All Knowing Eye of Albert Wu

As you look within
the eye of a CS God
you tremble in awe.

12/contest.scm (63 tokens)

Submission 12

Submission 14 - Hopefully win by default

Hey look its a star.
Looks somewhat interesting...
Eh, why not. *submit

14/contest.scm (25 tokens)

Submission 14

Submission 15 - How to tell Fall is coming

Is it Fall, Peets?
Never ends, Here it comes
Pumkin, parades

15/contest.scm (81 tokens)

Submission 15

Submission 16 - THE SCHEMING TREE, By Shel Silverscheme

To fathom a tree
That ceases not to split anew
Please see this haiku.

16/contest.scm (109 tokens)

Submission 16

Heavyweight Entries

Submission 0 - A Pair of Snowflakes

Snowflakes twist and twirl
fuse to form a perfect whole
and strike a balance.


0/contest.scm (447 tokens)

Submission 0

Submission 4 - Beat Stanford!

Chill out, Bears.
Even without attacks from recursion,
sequoia is down.

4/contest.scm (680 tokens)

Submission 4

Submission 6 - Endless Hallway

Just keep walking down
click-clack-click-clack wandering
You won't reach the end


6/contest.scm (359 tokens)

Submission 6

Submission 7 - Cat Hiding in Circles

Cats are super cool,
They like hiding in circles
and circles and shapes.

7/contest.scm (495 tokens)

Submission 7

Submission 11 - Let there be night

When the moon has risen and everything is quiet,
start your computer and start to write,
because the best code is composed at night.

11/contest.scm (420 tokens)

Submission 11

Submission 13 - Sunrise or Sundown

Day by day
sun goes around tree
only tree can tell sun is down or rise

13/contest.scm (539 tokens)

Submission 13