The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

To complete Homework 12, cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 pm Friday, August 11.

Featherweight Division


Look I know school sucks
You're the hero from Youtube
Stay close to the ground

Tokens: 102

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Spinny Fidget Hexagonally

Round and round and round
And round and round the spinny
Fidget fidgets

Tokens: 240

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0 test cases
passed before encountering
1st failed test case, dog

Tokens: 124

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Breaking the Wheel

On and on it spins
Crushing all those on the ground
A beautiful dream.

Tokens: 133

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Recursive what?

What do you see in this pattern?
Circles? Waves?
Or, Wi-Fis?

Tokens: 228

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Let's Go Places

But there's no place like Cal.

Tokens: 192

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You're Spamming the Autograder

Why does this exist,
It's just a syntax error,
Please don't make me wait.

Tokens: 180

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Tree Recursion's Hard
Stanford's not the real reason
People Fear the Tree

Tokens: 143

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Sunset Generator with Binary Tree

for each ray in Sun
yield from shades of red and pink
generates sunset

Tokens: 252

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Wall of Dreams

A machine's dreams can go beyond its creator's imagination.

Tokens: 161

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

"You're almost finished."
Assignments in ceaseless waves
Will it ever end?

Tokens: 89

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Recursive Shapes

Color Shapes Recursion
Very Trippy Picture It Shows Us Well
Meaning? I Don't Know.

Tokens: 232

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You think you can see
You think you can understand
Beware illusions

Tokens: 160

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Rainbow Star

Stars are pretty cool
And rainbows are cool as well
Here's a rainbow star

Tokens: 166

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Heavyweight Division

De Stijl

(append ('a scheme learner)
('Piet Cornelies Mondrian))
; When scheme meets modern art

Tokens: 2017

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Venice of the East

Poetic Water Town,
Flowing with Scheme.
-- Venice of the East

Tokens: 1672

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too many tokens

tis ridiculous

at naught five till the morrow

half our code has gone

Tokens: 2041

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Turn right,
Turn left,
Hilber forward

Tokens: 1575

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Recursive CS61A


Tokens: 897

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layers on layers?
are they on top of each other?
or thrown side by side

Tokens: 290

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The Two-Headed Beast

The Two-Headed Beast
who guards the A at all costs,
wreaks havoc recursively

Tokens: 460

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cs61a student wakes up and gets out of bed only to find that the floor no longer exists and hasn't for quite some time such that he was up until that point as it were /falling asleep/

and whilst falling thinks
he: at least this is better
than the scheme project

Tokens: 327

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QR stands for Quinary Recursion

To attain the base
Use a friend, scan til the end
Real Life Recursion
if you don't have a friend use

Tokens: 996

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Pseudorandom Cubes

Many wrong parentheses
they cause misery to 61A
praise extra credit

Tokens: 263

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Reflective Balls!

This is a haiku
We call this reflective balls
We love you Kevin

Tokens: 1541

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