Scheme Art Gallery

The output is art,
But what about its source code?
It's just as abstract.

Please vote for your favorite entry in this semester's CS 61A Scheme Art Contest. The winner should exemplify the principles of elegance, beauty, and abstraction that are prized in the Berkeley computer science curriculum. As an academic community, we should strive to recognize and reward merit and achievement (in other words, please don't just vote for your friends).

Cast your vote by submitting this form. Voting is due 11:59 PM on Friday. 8/13.

Featherweight Division

Sokka: A Man of Poetry and Boomerangs

"Squish, squash, sling that slang.
I'm always right back at ya,
like my boomerang!"
- Jack De Sena (Tales of Ba Sing Se)

Tokens: 242

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Twists and Turns

The missing pieces, intertwine
The end of our journeys.

Tokens: 90

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How Fidgety

A fidget spinner
Scheming to take over the
World with its antics

Tokens: 155

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Cone? Circles? Blackhole?

A cone, a path to an unknown world, warped spacetime or simply circles?

Tokens: 64

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Looking for Motivation

If you look close,
you will

Tokens: 463

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Sierpinski's Dab

Sierpinski's Dab
The Geometric Spectacle
Of The Century

Tokens: 303

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Over Already?

Missed the Olympics :(
Thanks to CS61A!
This is all that fills my mind now :)

Tokens: 408

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I Dream in Code

I now dream in code. Too many parentheses, yet never enough.

Tokens: 138

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Dandelions Underneath the Pulsing Sun

Two dandelions
Basking in the pulsing sun
Stubborn and strong willed

Tokens: 383

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Rainbow Flower

Every Storm in your life is followed by a Rainbow.

Tokens: 479

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Fiat Lux

To light we march
Chasing the truth in darkness
Fiat Lux, UC Berkeley

Tokens: 389

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Rule 30 Strawberry

computational irreducibility
thats the beauty of strawberries
(and rule 30)

Tokens: 3703

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Sus Red

He's the impostor
Reds are suspected the most
Let us kick him out.

Tokens: 201

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Heavyweight Division

DONUT believe you aren’t a-DOUGH-rable

Donuts are yum yum
We will (maybe) buy you one
If you vote for us :)

Tokens: 4047

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Golden Bear Blast Off!

Oh, Golden Oski
How great is your departure
Peace out 61A

Tokens: 2507

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The forbidden fruit, the final answers
And the serpent said unto the woman,
Ye shall sure paseth the classe

Tokens: 2385

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Starry Night

Tokens: 918

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Turtle Graphics

a little army
of turtles employed to draw
our masterpieces

Tokens: 1072

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Dark Side Of My Terminal

I came to thee in search of a challenge, and that you provided me with.

I now leave you as a stronger knight, but one wiser as well.

Knowing struggle is a better teacher than ease, I bid you all Ctrl + Sft + Q

Tokens: 3703

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The Prince and My Grade's last stand

Vegeta and I
Are in dire need of your help
Please vote for my art

Tokens: 318

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