Advising OH

The idea of advising OH is to give you a place to seek advice for things ranging from success in 61A to involvement in various activities at UC Berkeley and beyond. Some examples of questions you're welcome to discuss include: how to do well in 61A, in CS, at UC Berkeley, in life; how to get involved in teaching, research, clubs, side projects; how to maximize your college experience; etc.

These appointments are for advising questions only. If you book an appointment for a content-related question (questions about particular assignments, conceptual questions, or help debugging, for example), your appointment is likely to be dropped.

You can book an appointment with any of the following TAs, based on availability and what you'd like to discuss (click on the "book appointment" link to visit each TA's appointment page).

In your appointment, please specify what you would like to discuss, so that we can be prepared to help you in the best way possible :)

Jordan (CS, CogSci)

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I’d be happy to chat about anything! Including (but not limited to): studying for 61a, scheduling and organizing your schedule, cog sci, education and CalTeach, AWE & NB in stem, and restaurants (and cooking) in Berkeley! :)) (If you have questions about internships, you are better off directing those to another person offering advising OH because I don’t have any experience with them)

Classes Taken

  • EE/CS Lower Division: CS 10 (Student Instructors/Garcia), CS 24 (Ranade), CS 61A (DeNero/Farid), CS 61B (Hug), CS 61C (Weaver), EECS 16A (Ranade), EECS 16B (Ranade/Stojanovic), CS 70 (Rao/Ayazifar)
  • EE/CS Grad/Pedagogy: CS 375 (Huang)
  • Cognitive Science: DATA 8 (Wagner/Adhikari), COGSCI 1 (Isaac), MCB W61 (Presti), DATA 100 (Hug/Yan), LING 100 (Johnson)

Charlotte (CS, PPL Minor)

(book appointment)

Feel free to email me if none of the appointment slots work for you! I’d love to chat about anything, including CS 61A, recruiting/internships, research, international student experience, Greek life (Delta Gamma), and clubs (BridgeUSA, Debate Society of Berkeley, etc.).

Classes Taken

  • EE/CS Lower Division: CS 10 (Garcia), CS 61A (Hilfinger), CS 61B (Hilfinger), CS 61C (Weaver), CS 70 (Rao/Sen), EECS 16A (Waller)
  • EE/CS Grad/Pedagogy: CS 375 (Fox)
  • Other Relevant Classes: LING 100 (Johnson), PHILOS 12A (Warren), LEGALST 123 (Marshall)