Office Hours

Advising Office Hours

Advising office hours are for non-content, advising questions, and require appointments. See the Advising OH page for details on how to book these.

In-Person Office Hours

In-person OH will be held in some of the larger classrooms on campus and will be party-style, meaning you're encouraged to work with your peers. To get help during in-person office hours, join the office hours queue once you're in the room (

Online Office Hours

Online OH will occur on Zoom and will be in 15-minute appointments. You'll be able to book an appointment for any given time starting around 16 hours before that time. Use the appointments page to book an 15-minute appointment for online help.

Instructor Office Hours

Richard, Laryn, and Cooper will hold Instructor Office Hours in 784 Soda. Richard's office hours will be Tuesdays 1-2pm, Cooper's office hours will be Mondays 4-5pm and Wednesdays 2-3pm, and Laryn's office hours will be Thursdays 1-2pm.

Study Hall Office Hours

Study hall office hours are for content and non-content questions with the goal of creating community based along different axes of identities. See the Study Hall OH page for details on when and where to attend.