CS 61B Labs and Homework

Fall, 2013

Weekly Labs

Please report errors in the labs to your TA, or, if working from home, simply mail to cs61b@cs.berkeley.edu. Don't use the newsgroup to report errors in the assignment; we generally get email faster.

Week Lab Homework
26 August 2013 No lab. No homework.
2 September 2013 Homework 1, due 9/11/2013.
9 September 2013 Lab 2: Unit testing. Homework 2, due 9/18/2013.
16 September 2013 Lab 3: Standard library classes.
Please fill out this short quiz You can resubmit it as often as you want.
Preparation: please read over the Java library documentation for the java.util.ArrayList and java.util.LinkedList classes and the java.util.List and java.util.ListIterator interfaces before going to lab.
Homework 3, due 9/25/2013.
23 September 2013 Lab 4: Project-related.
Quizzes for this lab:
Homework 4, due 10/04/2013 (Friday).
30 September 2013 Lab 5: Patterns and Scanners.
Also, try the following quizzes (which you can resubmit as often as you want):
Homework 5, due 10/9/2013.
7 October 2013 Lab 6: Filters and Predicates; project work. No homework this week, due to test.
14 October 2013 Lab 7: Lab devoted to the project. Homework 6, due 10/23/2013.
21 October 2013 Lab 8: Some programming-contest problems. See also the skeleton files. Homework 7, due 10/30/2013.
28 October 2013 Lab 9: Hashing; analyzing lists. Homework 8, due 11/6/2013.
4 November 2013 Lab 10: Sorting and Searching. No homework this week.
11 November 2013 No lab or homework this week, due to test and project.
18 November 2013 Lab 11: Getting started on the project Homework 9, due 11/27/2013.


Skeleton code for the projects (when it is available) is in the staff SVN repository—available using hw init—and in the code directory, ~cs61b/code, which is available from the web through this link.

Programming Project Guidelines

We have prepared some useful stylistic guidelines for programming projects. Our submission software enforces some of these guidelines automatically, using the style61b program, which you can also run separately. Here is a sample project solution from a previous term, with its project handout. Things were a bit different then. Testing was "by hand", controlled from the makefile, rather than using JUnit.


Directories containing code for homework solutions and lab projects are here.

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