CS 61B Data Structures, Fall 2017
Instructor: Paul Hilfinger
Lecture: MWF 9-10 AM, Wheeler 150
Past Announcements
Date Category Announcement
8/22 Admin You will need a CS61B Unix account to hand in your work and receive grades, among other things. You can get one by clicking here.
8/22 Lectures Lectures are screencast (with audio) and all slides are online. Attendance is not mandatory. In fact, we do not all fit into Wheeler, so I recommend that those of you who are so inclined stay home and watch them. Experience indicates that after the initial week or so, there will be plenty of space in lecture for those who prefer live attendance.
9/15 Projects The git-bug command (available on the instructional machines and in cs61b-software) will send us a useful bug report including all your code and a message about what problem you are having with it. It requires that you commit and push your work (as you should be doing anyway) and that you provide a text file containing a description of the problem you are seeing. Please use this instead of screenshots, emails of code snippets, etc., which are almost never sufficient for debugging purposes. See also the Piazza post linked to from this announcement.
8/22 Admin The website is currently under construction so do not fret if there are a few broken links here are there.
8/22 Discussion No discussion sections or office hours in the first week. There will be labs. Please get a Unix account before attending (see previous announcement).
8/22 Exams
  • Test #1 will be Wed, Sep 27 2017 8:00pm–10:00pm.
  • Test #2 will be Wed, Nov 1 2017 8:00pm–10:00pm.

Room assignments to be announced later.

9/7 Tutoring Weekly group tutoring sign-ups have been released and will close on Saturday, 9/9, at 11:59PM. See Piazza for more details.
9/1 Homework HW1 is now released. Due 9/8.
9/1 Projects Project 0 (2048) is now released. Due 9/18.
9/22 Projects Project 1 released. Due 10/13.
9/29 Projects The demo program for project 1, staff-db61b, is now available on the instructional machines.
9/29 Homework Homework 3 now due Monday, 2 October.
10/27 Homework HW 6 is now available. Due 11/3.
10/24 Projects The demo program for project 2, staff-qirkat, is available on the instructional machines.
11/27 Projects Updates to project 3 spec, Makefiles, and Utils.java file posted. See the linked Piazza post for details.
11/17 Projects Project 3 (Gitlet) is now available. The skeleton is minimal Feel free(er) to collaborate more than usual, but make sure your code differs from that of others, and always be sure to acknowledge your collaborators.