Lab 6: Getting Started on Project 1

A. Introduction

In light of Wednesday's midterm, this week's lab is meant to be a low-impact introduction to project 1. Attendance is not required for this lab and there is nothing to turn in. However, TAs will still hold labs which will effectively be highly staffed office hours of which you should take advantage!

You may find that the information is opaque the first time you walk through this lab. That is okay. Our goal is for you to understand the specifications and have some sense of how you may want to implement parts of the project. As you continue to work on this project for the next two weeks, definitely revisit this lab as you see fit to organize your thoughts.

B. Understanding Project 1

If you haven't already, head into your class repo and git fetch and merge the skeleton for project 1.

git fetch shared git merge shared/proj1 -m "Get proj1 skeleton" git push

The project will be due in about 2 weeks (10/13), so it's a good idea to try to make progress as soon as you can. Here are some quick tips to getting started on the project.

Understanding the spec

Here is a mix of questions to help you gauge your understanding of the spec. Try discussing them with a partner such as the person sitting next to you.

You're a catering company and CS61B has requested that you cater their grading party! Your database holds a table below named orders which contains rows representing orders made by TAs.

Food Count Orderer
Boba 3 Christine
Boba 2 Andy
Chicken Fried Steak 107 Antares
Gumbo 1 JC
Gumbo 5 Alex
Steak 4 Eli
Steak 1 Kevin
Udon 2 Steven
Food Restaurant
Boba Tea One
Boba I-Tea
Chicken Fried Steak Angelines
Gumbo Antaress Apartment
Gumbo Angelines
Steak Tasty Pot
Udon Tea One

Understanding the code

This section is mainly for if you plan to use the skeleton we have provided. Be sure to also read the last section titled "Advice" in the spec. You'll note that there are quite a few "suggested skeleton" files. You're allowed to throw these files away but try to understand why we might suggest this first before doing so!