OH Policy
Author: CS 61B Course Staff

Students who want to get help in office hours (OH) will be able to get help remotely through our Discord Server. To get set up on the Discord server, follow the instructions on the Discord Guide. In order to see a TA, join the queue at oh.datastructr.es and fill out a ticket according to the ticket template. We have strict guidelines for getting help not in order to be mean, but to maximize the number of students we can provide quality assistance to in office hours. Here are the guidelines for getting help:

  1. No debugging questions in office hours. Debugging often takes a long time because the TA must first understand your code and then find the problem. We have created an asynchronous way to get debugging help (called gitbugs) so that office hours can be used for more conceptual questions. In the beginning of the semester before Gitbugs is released, you may ask debugging questions in OH, but only if significant effort towards debugging on your own has been demonstrated.
  2. TAs will help for 10 minutes per ticket. This is a strict time restriction so that as many students as possible can get help. If your problem cannot be resolved in 10 minutes you will be directed to submit a Gitbug (if released) or make a Piazza post.
  3. Fill out the ticket template. When submitting a ticket on the OH queue, there is a template you must fill out. The template includes important fields such as your location, the assignment you have a question on, and a description of your problem. We may include additional fields as needed, such as a link to your design doc, or what you have already tried when debugging. We will skip/ delete tickets that have incomplete/ empty ticket templates.
  4. Include your location. We will come to you, both in-person and remotely, so you must fill out the location field of the ticket template. While we are still online only, this will also include selecting "Online" from the location dropdown menu. If in-person OH returns in the future, you will need to enter your room number in this dropdown.
  5. Only queue up during designated hours. We will clear the queue at berkeleytime at the beginning of each OH block (not between continuous hours), so queuing up ahead of time will not increase your chances of being helped. Once OH has ended, all remaining tickets will be deleted and staff will not stay past time.
  6. If we cannot find you within 1 minute of your ticket being pulled, it will be deleted from the queue. We understand that before deadlines, the OH queue may get long. However, entering the queue without being available in the location you indicated results in TAs looking for students who are not present.
  7. If you leave the designated OH location, leave the queue. If you need to leave OH before being helped for any reason, please remove yourself from the queue so we don't spend time looking for you.
  8. Work in groups. When OH gets crowded, we will prioritize groups of students. If you choose to work in a group, include that in your description and ensure only ONE student from the group joins the queue.
  9. We will not be helping with extra credit or late assignments in OH.