Lab 4: Project 0 Office Hours

There is no lab assignment due this week.

A. Queue

We will be using the office hours queue in all rooms. Please include your location in your description if it is not in the room you queued up under.

B. Schedule

There will be lower amounts of staff on Wednesday, Thursday 9-11am, and Friday 9-11am.

Wednesday 2/12

See calendar. All OH are Proj0 OH, but feel free to drop by for setup, git, logistical, or other help.

Thursday 2/13 and Friday 2/14

Proj0 OH are in Soda 271, 273, 275, 277. Please find a comfortable place to sit (staff will be moving from room to room) and talk to your neighbors if you're stuck!

OH for HW2 and other non-proj0-related questions are in Soda 330.

Edit: Soda lab rooms were originally assigned by topic /what part students are working on but no longer are. Feel free to go to any of the listed rooms.