Lab 4: Project 0 Office Hours

There is no lab assignment due this week.

A. Queue

We will be using the online OH queue to process tickets in all rooms.

B. Schedule

All lab sections are converted to Project Office Hours. All TAs in office hours will also be helping in the lab rooms. On Thursday, 2/10, we will close the OH queue at 11 am but still process the leftover tickets to catch up with any backlog. We will clear and re-open the queue at 1 pm as it is the start of a new lab block.

Online labs will continue as normal using the #lab-queue channel on the Discord server.

C. Room Assignments

Lab rooms are assigned based on the part of the project you are working on. Please go to the corresponding room depending on the part you are working on. Going to the right room will give you the opportunity to work with other students working on similar parts of the project!