Older News

12.10 Final Review Session Notes The notes from the Final Review Session have been posted.
12.09 2004 Final Released Dan has agreed to the release the Spring 2004 Final and its solutions
12.06 Surveys in Lab Complete the course survey in lab. You can check that it was completed. Also complete this survey for the department.
11.27 Bring-A-Question Review Session on 12/3 1-4pm in the Wozniak Lounge (4th floor of Soda). HKN tutors and David J. will be there to tackle the craziest questions you can come up with.
11.27 Quizzes There will be no more quizzes for the rest of the semester. Use the time to work on your project and study for the final.
11.26 Proj4 Posted Get started on it now so you have time to study for your finals. We pushed the deadline back because we posted it later than planned.
11.24 Proj1, Proj2 Grading update

Proj1 and Proj2 have now been graded. However, proj1 and proj2 were graded by a single reader by himself. Thus, if you have questions please contact one of the readers as follows:

Rubrics for these two assignments (and other assignments) can be found at Michael's page here

11.22 Proj3 Group Issue Although the CS61C staff never said Proj3 was a group project, somehow some students thought it was. If you did it in a group, email David J. with you and your partner's name and login. Sign up for only 1 time slot to get it graded with both of you there. If you did Proj3 in a group, you will not be allowed to do Proj4 in a group. If you did Proj3 in a group and don't report it, two identical submissions will be considered cheating.
11.22 Proj3 Grading Proj3 will be graded face-to-face the week after Thanksgiving. Students should signup online. If you did Proj3 in a group, only reserve one time slot when both of you can come.
11.20 No Lab this Week There still is a Lab13, you can get it checked off in next week's lab. It is recommended that you get it done by next week, since Lab14 is another difficult lab.
11.20 OH Cancelled this Week Aaron's, Sameer's, and Scott's OH are cancelled this week. If you need to see a TA, don't hesitate to email one of them to arrange an appointment.
11.15 Get to Lab Early this Week Lab12 is the hardest lab of the semester and it is the only lab that ever gives that many students any real problems.
11.08 Friday is a Holiday Lecture, lab, and OH are cancelled this Friday (11/10). If you are in that lab, you can go to any lab on Thursday, or get checked off in the following week's lab. Scott will also be holding his OH 10-11am on Monday (11/13) in the labs if you want to get checked off or have questions.
10.24 Midterm Explanations The midterm solutions have had explanations and the grading standard attached.
10.22 Supported Image Formats for HW5: Please submit images in either GIF, JPG, or PDF formats.
10.17 Midterm Solutions have been posted.
10.15 Midterm Review Notes
  • Number Representation and Floating Point (doc, pdf) Solutions (doc, pdf)
  • C & Memory Managment (ppt, pdf)
  • MIPS (pdf)
10.13 Midterm Review Reminder There will be a midterm review session at 2pm on Sunday 10/15 in 105 Northgate.
10.11 Mid-Semester Survey Complete this survey in lab this week. You need to do it to get credit for the lab. Your answers are stored anonymously, but you can check and show that you did it with this.
10.09 No Quiz 7 Use the extra time to work on Proj2 and study for the Midterm.
10.09 Quiz 6 Issues Many are concerned that their Quiz6 was not received because they didn't get an email response. The inst servers have been very slow yesterday and today. The deadline will be extended to tonight at 11:59pm, for you to resubmit (be patient), if you didn't get an email.
10.04 Green Sheet Errors Courtesy of reader (and former TA) Michael Le, we have a list of errors on the MIPS Green Sheet. If you got a copy of the Green Sheet from the CS61C staff, some (but not all) of the errors have been fixed on it.
  • In Section (1), the Core Instruction Set, lbu, lhu, and lw do not have an opcode of 0. Their opcodes were put in the 'funct' portion, so just scratch out the '0/'
  • In Section (1), the Core Instruction Set, sll and srl shift rt, not rs. So change 'R[rs]' to 'R[rt].'
  • In Section (1), the Core Instruction Set, jal should set R[31] = 8 + PC. So change the 4 to an 8.
  • In Section (2), the Register Name, Use, Call Convention table has $ra listed as preserved across calls. This is not true, so change the 'Yes' to a 'No.'
10.02 Proj2 has been posted. It will be good to start on it early since it is due near the midterm.
10.01 Old Exams - Courtesy of HKN, a listing of old CS61C exams has been added to the CS61C homepage at the top.
09.25 Slip Days - An extra slip day has been granted because of Proj1.
09.22 Proj1 OH - Aaron will be holding special OH for Proj1, today 4-5pm in 271 Soda.
09.21 Proj1 - The details for the Simplified Proj1 have been posted.
09.18 Quiz3 has been fixed. The deadline has been extended to 11:59pm on Tuesday (9/19). In the future, please contact the CS 61C staff about issues with the webpage, and we will contact inst@eecs. This way we will not overload them with redundant requests.
09.12 Proj1 has been posted. You will have more than a week to do it, but HW3 will still be due the following Wednesday.
09.12 HW2 - A typo in the usage message has been fixed. You will not be penalized if you copied the old string.
09.08 Mnemonics - Here are the best mnemonics.
09.01 HW 1 - You can now submit HW 1.
08.31 Academic Integrity - In lab this week print out this, Write "I understand and agree to abide by these rules." and sign it. You can read the EECS policies.
08.30 CPS Class Code is F22859H181. You can now register.
08.29 Aaron's OH will be in a 7th Floor alcove in Soda this week only. All subsequent OH will be in 511 Soda.
08.29 Quiz Deadline - Quiz 1 and all other quizes will be due Sundays at 11:59pm.
08.28 HW1 has been posted. The submission program will be set up in the next few days.