Fall 2010



Project 3 Rubric


Coding Component 1        50% of final proj3 grade

Coding Component 2        25% of final proj3 grade

Coding Component 3        25% of final proj3 grade


The breakdown of points for each part is:

Correctness        1/3 (14 points)

Performance        1/6 (7 points)

Analysis        1/2 (21 points)


Report Grading:

Written Portion:        7 points total

Graph:        14 points total

        - no speedup                                        -4

        - no speedup, but plotted benchmark                -3

        - no axis labels                                        -2

        - no title                                        -1


Project 3 Notes:


- All Correctness and Performance points were awarded for Coding Component 1 due to the benchmark.cpp bugs.


- If your code didn't segfault or fail the benchmark, you received full correctness points for CC2/CC3. Broken codes were handled on an individual basis.


- The performance points for CC2/CC3 were handled by dividing the space between the fastest codes and the slowest codes uniformally. In other words, the fastest codes received 7 points and the slowest 1 point. Average-speed codes received 3 or 4 points.


- Scores for the two plots in CC3 were averaged to for a composite graph score.


- Fractional point values were rounded up.


Extra Credit Grading:

- Out of 2 points

- The top groups for serial and parallel obtained 2 points. One or two other submissions that implemented advanced algorithms/new features also received a 2.

- If your group achieved > 20% speedup over the CC2 and/or CC3 codes, you received 1 point

- Codes that did not improve performance significantly did not receive extra credit